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~Lifestyle Update: Seattle Shenanigans and my Besties are Back!~ (Long Post)

Shameless selfie from my Instagram to start out my life update post lolol~

Hello lovelies!! I'm sorry It's been forever since I've posted but finals are creeping up and I'm just trying to make these last few weeks of the quarter count as I near the end of my first year at Uni!! AHHH! I can't believe I've been blogging (although not all that consistently heehee) for almost half a year~ I'll do a proper reader appreciation post in June probably but for now I just want to say thank you to all the amazing readers who have been visiting my blog!!! I really appreciate it and this is the most successful "journaling"attempt I've had in my life so far hahaha. Anyways, I'd also like to take this time to tell you about some fun things I've been up to this past week! This is mostly a filler post so you guys know I'm still dedicated to this blog and will be posting A TON over the summer! Weeeellll at least, that's the plan! :D So without further ado, here's what I've been doing ^___^

This lil' project I did for my besties actually happened about a month ago, but I didn't want to post about it until after I gave them the surprise! Hahaha~ It started out by me asking about what everyone liked on their pizza:

Then I broke out the beloved polymer clay and got makin'! It's silly how they all like similar pizzas (pineapple galore!!) but at least pineapple is relatively easy to make hahaha.

And of course they all fit together like friendship charms! You know hard difficult it is to find a nine person friendship charm?! It's great because we all love pizza :D Other ideas for large group bestie charms could be: pancake stacks (stack em' on top of one another, everyone has their own batter preference I guess? Lol), cake slices, pie slices, puzzle pieces, etc. There are actually quite a few things you could do for friendship charms! They don't even have to fit together, they could even just be matchy like Monopoly piece charms, Scrabble initial tiles, astrology signs ^.^ just to name a few. But bestie charms are definitely the perfect way to connect with your friends in a meaningful way, especially if everyone is all over the place like our group!

Another thing I did this past week was go to my younger sister's Honor Society induction (so proud :,-D) But I don't really want to post pictures of that, as a great of a day as it was.

I just realized I'm an outfit repeater (if you saw one of my last posts lolol oops) #noshame

We grabbed some yummy food in the International District (China Town) at a place called Fortuna(?). A simple little cafe style eatery. I ordered the chicken curry :P

One of the other highlights of my week, however, was going on a field trip for my geology 101 class to the Laser Dome at the Pacific Science Center!

To get there I took the Monorail from Westlake, which is always exciting because I don't take it often enough! Pardon the shakiness and the grainy quality, all these pictures and videos are from my phone :3

From the Monorail I browsed Seattle Center including the Space Needle in all it's glory *__*. Despite living here my entire life I have NEVER been up the Space Needle! I hope that changes over the summer! :D

It was so nice that day <3 


Tryin' to be cute in front of the EMP.

OH and this right here was super cool. These are the solar power energy Giant Flower art pieces next to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Sculpture place! Super cool to see in the day time and apparently they light up at night! I wanted to stay later to see that but I didn't want to walk home from the bus stop in the dark haha.

It's an interactive art piece so when you go up next to the flowers they sort of "sing". And according to the artist, the bands on the stems of the flowers are some sort of code that can be deciphered by inquisitive spectators. I have yet to figure it out! So cool!

For our field trip we watched a private screening of a documentary-ish type movie called volcanoes of the deep sea. And it was so cool to watch in the Laser Dome with the huge speakers and everything! I want to go back to watch one of their actual laser shows @__@

Here's a really dark and shoddy video of what it looked like inside the Dome, kind of. It was super dark in there ok? lol

I also want to go back to browse the Pacific Science Center itself ^.^ It's such a cool place! SOOO many cool things going on around Seattle Center. Definitely check it out if you're around this area!

I didn't wanna go up the Space Needle solo that day (though now I'm regretting not taking the opportunity and being spontaneous lol) but I did go inside the base of the Needle where the gift shop is~ hahaha

My shenanigans~ I wish my phone had a front cam so I wouldn't look as derpy in these photos >.< hahaha.

And last but not least I hung out with my BFFs on a Friday night (whoop whoop!) to see Pitch Perfect 2! We also ate IHop for dinner which was a nice lil' bonus :3 It was a crazy night and some odd things happened...But for the most part we had a great time and it was the best thing ever to see my girlies again!! <3 I missed them all soooo much :,D Going to separate colleges can be tough, but it makes our time spent together all the more memorable!

Pre-movie at IHop ^__^ 

Thank goodness my ladies are selfie/selfwe takers because I never take pictures of when we hang out >,< and it's a shame but I always get so caught up in the moment that I forget to do it! Hahaha

Post movie: it was already midnight and people had work tomorrow LOLOL I hadn't been out with friends past midnight since prom of senior year :,-D Good times.
Thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with my life cutie pies! Hopefully I can get through these next few weeks and finals, and then SUMMMERR VAY-CAY!! WOO! *soon* Hope you guys are doing great too!

xoxo Abby <3

***BONUS ROUND!! I actually did stuff on Memorial Day Monday when I thought I was just going to be cleaning and studying and stuff...BUT!! My parents were actually willing to take us to China Town and do a bit of browsing! YEEE! So here's a bit of that:

 We got bibimbap from Shilla inside Uwajimaya in the International District. I believe I talked a bit about Uwaji in a previous post (though I can't recall which one at the moment heh oops) It's basically a large Asian grocery focused market located int the ID of Seattle :3 Love it there. The food court is AMAZING~ And the service is terrific ^.^

I want more :F

Also managed to pick up some other lil' goodies besides groceries! I don't know if you guys know about my obsession with keychains. My obsession list probably goes: 1.) Bags/purses (especially the ones that come "free" with Japanese magazines) 2.) Keychains/charms 3.) ALL THE SHOES.

Ampanman apple man toy, Aikatsu! (I think?) stamp/keychain charm, and Hello Kitty re-ment phone strap charm <3__<3 The HK one was a surprise pack! I got the pudding one :3 would've been happy with any one of them though! YAYY!

I did a review on the My Beauty Diary Masks I picked up from there too so check it out if you want! :D

Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day weekend as well!

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