Monday, May 25, 2015

~Skincare Review: My Beauty Diary-Royal Jelly Mask~

Last time I posted a review for the Lululun Premium Face Masks, and for some reason a lot of people were interested in that post! So I'm back with another late night blog post to review the My Beauty Diary (MBD) Royal Jelly Mask! I've heard a lot of great things about MBD and yet this is my first time trying it out! I just bought the pack a few hours ago from Uwajimaya in the beauty section. I finally caved in for these masks because I wanted to see if it would work to lighten some of my acne scars since my acne has been clearing lately! I don't actually know if it's because of the new foundation I'm using (Pur Minerals) or new face wash I'm using (CeraVe for oily/normal skin). But either way I'm liking the current results! Now if I can just get my skin to be soft and even toned I'll be happy ^.^ That's why I'm trying out these masks :3 SOOO without further ado, here's the review! Heehee that rhymes :D

***Warning, lots of shots of my face in this post, once again!! LOL***

Heres what the box of masks look like:

I wanted to try the Royal Jelly "flavor" (I guess? haha) because the box claimed it would help with brightening and repairing. Usually with masks the instructions recommend you use it once a week for best results, sometimes even once a day if they're light essence masks. This mask recommends you use it 2-3 times per week! With these I'm going to try to use them at least once a week or at least once every other week to see if they really are working, knowing that not following the box recommendations means I won't get immediate results. BUT! I'm willing to take that chance anyways. Hahaha~

The box comes with 10 masks total, so if you used as directed it would take you about ten weeks if you used it twice per week (see? I can do simple math at least! heh)

Here's what one pack looks like. Inside there is one mask. 
Back of the mask package is in Japanese. There are instructions in  English on the side of the box!

Side and front views of my face right when I got home (with make-up on!):

Front/side view after removing make-up with Clinique make-up removing oil and washing face with CeraVe for oily/normal skin:

Aaaaand now it's mask application time!! >:D I made a video for this one! heheheh~ This one comes with a top layer for easy unwrapping and placement so you just put the cloth side down on your face, pat it on and peel the plastic-y top layer off and adjust to fit your face! (Yay I remembered to upload the video more than a month later LOL!!)

And then what I like to do after putting it on is pat the essence (what the masks are soaked in!) into my skin using my fingertips like it says on the box~ I rub the rest of the essence in the pack on my neck as well! ^___^

Scary!! @__@

*pat pat pat*
And now I just leave it on for 20-30 minutes! Or until I can't stand it anymore/it's dried up!

HAHAHA my next post should be a tutorial for how I brush my teeth ;D Jk jk
Front and side views after ~35 minutes!

So far I really like these masks because they seem to contain a lot of essence (not all masks are like that!) and the quality of the mask itself is sturdy and fits on my face quite nicely. The scent is also nice and light. It kind of has a faint honey/floral scent but I could only really smell it when I first put it on, after that I didn't notice it at all! So if you aren't into perfumey masks, this one seems quite natural and not overbearing ^.^ As always, you can't tell whether a mask worked or not after one use, so I'll try my best to keep this updated to let you guys know if it's working or not! :D Though my pores tingle (in a nice, refreshing way) when I have this mask on if that's a testament as to whether it's effective? UwU I'll say it is hahaha~

TL;DR: 8/10 so far! That's actually quite a good overall score, taking into account this is my first time using it and I haven't seen any dramatic effects yet!
~Essence: 8/10 Does it work? Maybe! Gotta use it more often. But it has a nice smooth texture and light scent.
~Mask: 9/10 Pretty easy to put on if you've used masks like these before. Nice and soft and fits my face nicely, doesn't dry up too quickly and doesn't just slide right off my face! Still a little weird around the cupid's bow area though >.<

Thanks so much for reading through this post everyone!! I know I'm just trying to make up for not posting for almost three weeks straight but if you like these posts and think they're helpful that's all that matters! hahaha

Abby ^3^

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