Wednesday, June 17, 2015

~Lifestyle Update: My Summer Goals (Wordy Post!)~

HELLO LOVELY READERS!! Thanks for your patience in waiting for my latest post (if anyone waits for these that is! haha). I've (surprisingly) been busy doing things this past week or so since my summer break began so I haven't had time to blog! I'll post about my recent Seattle adventures among other things in a separate post, but for now I'd like to take the time to show you guys my list of summer goals!

In no particular order, here's what I had on my list that I wrote about a month ago:

Starting from the top of the list I said I wanted to practice my calculus and keep up my chemistry studies over the summer because I don't want to have to trudge through these difficult subjects in the fall because I forgot everything I learned in the fall. I just want to go into my subjects feeling more prepared this upcoming quarter, ya know?

The next one sounds like I'm looking to change up my appearance. And it partially is. But really I want to get fit for the sake of my own health and happiness. I know people say be happy with who you are and whatnot, and it's not that I'm unhappy with who I am now, I just think that if I were to take care of myself a bit better then I'd feel even happier about myself! As for the whole waiting until I shed some pounds and then cut my hair thing, I just want to grow my hair out as long as possible so I can donate it. And to give myself one big makeover at the end of the summer is a nice treat I think ^__^

My parents have been wanting me to get over my fear of driving. And I suppose I could learn this year. This is one goal I'm still hesitant on but I put on my list anyways for motivation!

I've been wanting to get a job for the past three years or so now, but something always got in the way every summer. This summer I'm actually applying to a few stores near my house so transportation won't be a hassle. Fingers crossed! If that doesn't turn out maybe I'll just run an etsy and call it my full year round job rather than trying to get a summer job hahaha. Would you be interested in buying things I make? >.< Hahaha

Internships were another thing I was considering but not over the summer. I go to a research university which means there are lots of opportunities to do internships that give students experience  in many different fields. I haven't looked at the list yet, but I think if I get a head start on it now I could be involved in some cool stuff for next summer!

I've been looking into the bio and psych majors these past nine months or so now as people continually ask me what I'm majoring in! General bio seems like a good fit for me right now, but I really want to look more in depth into all the majors offered at my school and research them so I get to picking the right one.

Right now I only know English, Spanish, and a bit of Tagalog but I really want to broaden my span of languages because I plan on being a doctor in the future and personally I think it would be very beneficial to know as many languages I can! Communication is important in a lot of ways and I think it would just be really cool to learn a bunch of languages and travel around helping people :3

"Journal, blog, and read" <--These are things I didn't have a lot of time to do during the school year (I did read a lot during the school year actually, but here I mean reading leisurely without the pressure of being tested on the subject matter hahaha). So here I am blogging! And I might do a post about journaling if I feel up to it at some point over the summer ;D

These last few things I got from a Tumblr user I follow. She also had a summer goals list and they resonated with me hahaha:

So I guess the launch store thing could be related to my get a job/possible etsy thing ^.^ And sewing cute dresses is something I'm ALWAYS down for! Finding a new look for the upcoming school year also sounds like fun and something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. Experimenting with makeup is something I recently thought about working on so I can improve my technique to get ready even faster in the morning! Haha! Take care of my skin <--THISSS yes my skin has been crazy these past few months maybe with the changing weather and change of skin routine. Whatever it is I just want to improve my skin ASAP. And prob the last thing from this list I can relate to is cute stationary, and that's usually a given, not really a goal haha.

So there we go! All the things I want to achieve this summer! Do any of you have any summer goals you'd like to accomplish? :D It's a really neat way to motivate yourself to get things done, well that's at least how I feel anyways :D Sorry if this was kind of a boring post :3

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading as always!!

xoxo Abby

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