Monday, September 28, 2015

~Beauty Review: Chosungah 22 Click Click Click Multicolor Lip Tint~

Hello hello! Today I have another beauty review! I don't usually buy makeup products from Sephora but this lip tint caught my eye:

I tried a cushion lip tint before but I didn't really like the color or results. This time I decided to try it again because there were more colors available and it was a brand I hadn't seen before! I kind of wish that I looked online for this lip tint to see if it was cheaper on Amazon or an Asian cosmetics website before impulse buying this at Sephora but oh well haha. I also haven't seen many reviews on this yet so hopefully I can give you all a good first review ^.^

***HINT: TL;DR at the bottom of this post! <3***

The brand is Chosungah 22 and it's called Click Click Click Multicolor. I was trying to choose between Acai Berry (a purplish color) and a red color (I can't remember the name lol) and I chose the Acai Berry since I lost one of my other lip tints in a similar color T___T saaaad. This lip tint seems to be pretty new since I can't seem to find it on the Sephora website or on Google anywhere, which is weird hahaha. Not even on the Chosungah 22 website O.o I've never even heard of this brand until I saw it at Sephora >.< That's how much of an impulse buy this was lol, but it is a Korean cosmetics brand and the packaging looked cartoonish and funky (you know me with packaging lol) so I was like YEAH OOO COOL GOOD I needed a new lip tint hahaha.

Now onto the actual review! If you've never tried a cushion type lip product before, you're actually not missing out on much IMO. Like I said up above, I only tried one other lip tint and it was the Peripera Peri Cushion lipsin the color Play More (a BRIGHT pink). It had cute packaging and the concept of having a blending cushion on the end of the lip tint made it seem like it was good for gradient lips. But the Peripera version was disappointing to me because the actual tint sort of flaked off throughout the day and looked kinda like my lips were chapped and pink. So when I found this new cushion tint I didn't have super high hopes for it either, but I just LOVED the Acai Berry color when I swatched it so I decided to give the cushion a second try haha.

Here's what my lips looked like before applying the tint. I just did my normal makeup routine (which I will describe in a future post currently being worked on haha) and put a bit of Vaseline on my lips, which I wiped off mostly before putting on the tint~

And here's what the cushion part of the tint looks like!

When we were at Sephora I thought the concept of "Click Click" was kind of weird. It's supposed to be like a pen and if you look at the first of these two pictures above, on the right of the picture there is a clicker on the top of the tint pen and you click it like a pen until you start to see color come out like so:

After maybe 10-15 clicks

After about 20 clicks

Over 20-ish clicks
It really doesn't look like there is a lot of product on/in the brush after this many clicks. But at this point the brush is really actually loaded quite a bit! I touched this amount to my lips and attempted to do a gradient style:

First application: I just dabbed on a bit

Application 2: Dabbed on a bit more

Finished application: I spread it evenly on my lips and gave up on gradient lol
You could definitely do gradient with this lip tint! If you are experienced at doing it (unlike me hahaha). I think the consistency of this tint is what makes it nice for gradient lips. It's smooth and feels more like a juicy tint rather than a cream tint (like the Peripera Cushion one for example) but it's also not like a milk tint (my fave) so I have to put chapstick over it, which I'm totally fine with haha. It's definitely a build able color as well. Now that I look at it, it doesn't really show up that much in these three pictures I provided from the first to third application, but in person you could really see the difference between dabbing a bit on and building up the color. And that makes sense because this is actually meant to be a lip AND cheek tint! But I'm focusing on the lip aspect because I actually don't wear cheek tints or blushes ^____^ lol.

See? There's actually quite a bit of product! It didn't look like there was that much (even after clicking it so many times) but once you press it to your lips the liquid spreads to the top of the cushion and BAM!! COLOR!

These days I don't go out looking for a lip tint expecting it to be super long lasting. But I always check longevity and how many times I have to reapply anyways haha. This tint actually surprised me a little bit! Most of my other tints last about two hours before you really can't see that I'm wearing tint anymore. I know this because I recall having to reapply in between class last year and also after going to the movies with friends.

This is in the H&M fitting room so the lighting isn't natural or the same as the one in the previous pics. But what can ya do? lol

OK so it's not that noticeable in this lighting. But this is about three hours after putting on lip tint and IRL it still looked like I was wearing tint! NICE. I didn't reapply or anything at this point either. This is still from that first application. I mostly didn't reapply because I actually forgot to bring the tint with me when we went out that day lol.

Here's what my lips looked like at the end of the day. The tint look is gone, but I'm still satisfied overall at how it lasted a few hours longer than my other tints! And it doesn't even promise to be long-lasting on the box, which is awesome considering it lasts longer than my other tint that did boast about longevity. 

And just so you guys know, I tend to lick and bite my lips throughout the day (bad habit? meh) and I also eat and drink a lot throughout the day as well. So you can imagine the average wear and tear my lips go through daily and this tint STILL stuck on for that long? I'm rather surprised, I'm definitely going to be testing this tint out more to see if that one day wasn't just a fluke or something lol.

Color 10/10: It matches the lip tint that I lost almost EXACTLY and I really loved that color so I hope I can find it again someday. But this tint might actually be better than that one now that I think about it? I thought it was going to be more of a pink color but it's a very nice mix of pink and purple. It's not super bright and I just think it suits me overall.

Longevity 8/10: Lasts longer than some of my other tints (Etude House Fresh Cherry and Peripera) but I would still recommend reapplying throughout the day if you want it to look vibrant. It fades subtly overtime and for me lasted til about 3-4 hours before it really faded away.

Taste 9/10: This category is kind of weird, but I felt like I needed to add it because some other tints I've tried (especially the juice tints) tasted really chemically. This one weirdly tastes lightly of actual juice! Kind of like raspberry Lipton tea? Please don't try eating or drinking the product just because I mentioned it lol. I trust you guys to be safe, okie? LOL

Scent 10/10: The scent is probably a big factor for why I thought this tint tasted like juice actually. It really does smell like a fruit juice, and maybe that's what made me think it tasted good lol. It doesn't have that bad chemical smell, just a fruity perfume scent that is only there for a while and fades. It's quite a light scent.

Texture 9/10: **EDITED 10/13**
OK so after using this constantly for the past two weeks or so, I'm pretty sure this is actually more of a milk tint than a juice tint! YAY! I guess it was just really liquid-y when I first used it and did this review so I assumed it was a juice tint. It is a bit moister than some of my other milk tints though, surprisingly! Instead of drying matte and drying out your lips this tint sinks in nice and evenly after a few minutes and then you can gloss or balm right over it without fear of it smudging! Compared to my Peripera Cushion tint, this runnier (I guess?) milk tint had a better consistency with the cushion than a thicker, creamier tint ^__^

Design/concept 8/10: The click click concept is somewhat effective. You can't always tell how much product is coming out at first, it takes some trial and error. But it's not like you're wasting product really, it all just ends up on the brush anyways since it's a liquid type. There's so much clicking though, it might get annoying for some people LOL. But being a pen is really nice because they tend to have easier control and you can easily have it in your purse/bag/backpack/makeup pouch etc. without fearing it will spill like bottle tints!

Overall 9/10: I actually would buy this again! Even though it's more expensive than some of my other lip tints this one seems to have a nice color, texture, and amount of product per application, which makes it TOTALLY worth it. Aaaand I might go back for two other colors actually (red and pink LOL) SOMEONE STOP ME PLZ.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks beauty review! I start my second year of Uni on Wednesday (30th) AHHHHH!! Wish me luck! Good luck to you guys too! If there's anything else I forgot to mention about the tint that you guys want to know about, please comment below! <3

xoxo Abby

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

~Back to School Tips and Essentials~

I wish these were my real glasses frames, but alas, my real ones are just plain tortoise T__T hahaha

Hi everyone! I know school has started for many people already but I just wanted to have a post about some school essentials before I start school again myself! This is also kind of a motivational post for me and anyone else feeling anxious about this school year. Hopefully this pumps us up and gets us excited about what's to come!! WOO HOO!!

I'll start with some tips that will hopefully help us stay sane this school year!

1.) Stay organized!

OK OK I know I'm starting off with something a bit cliche that's on every back to school motivation list. But Just thinking back on how I was last year with organization compared to other years I think organization of my things and time were what I did wrong on my first year of Uni. Senioritis practically seeped into third quarter (somehow skipping fall and winter quarter?!) and I am definitely starting out at a low point my Sophomore year now T____T BUT!! I believe better organization this quarter will be something that will combat the bad vibes I picked up at the end of last year! This year will be stronger!!

A little peek at what I constantly keep in my backpack (minus my laptop + charger)

I don't keep much in my main pencil pouch, I usually just use a pen to take notes so having a nice pen that will last a while (like those 7 year pens maybe? :O) is a great idea if you like hand-writing your lecture notes and whatnot like I do!

Last year I used my planner at the beginning of the year, and that's probably why I did a lot better at the beginning of the year as well hahaha~

I have a four subject spiral notebook with a section for each class. Multi subject notebooks are great for me because it's lighter than having to carry around three different notebooks for my classes. And we don't submit our notes anyways so it's ok if they're all in one notebook!

Folders (especially cute ones!) are my absolute favorite and a MUST HAVE.

My backpack (pre being decorated with buttons and charms lol) nice and sturdy! Holds up SUPER well in the rain and none of my stuff has ever gotten wet! Kankens are cute but I stick to Dakine for durability and comfort ^>^

To help with organization I suggest lots and LOTS of cute folders and a cute planner to keep you in line ^>^ I've found that folders are a lot lighter and easier to carry around campus than a large binder or something similar. Especially when you have to walk from one end of campus to the other every hour hahaha. Folders keep papers from each class separate from one another and not crumpled in your notebook or backpack! Plastic folders also keep your things dry in case your backpack is a bit thin and it's raining and a bit of water leaks through! Or if you have your water bottle in your backpack and it has condensation or if it spills in your backpack. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me at Uni yet :3

2.) Eat! (BEHOLD, some of the many pictures of food from my phone/instagram LOL)

I know not everyone eats breakfast (and especially not this much!) everyday but try to at least grab some fruit or a protein bar on the way out the door! Many people say they can focus without a morning meal, and for some people it actually gives them a stomach ache to eat breakfast! Don't rush into this process if that's your case, but maybe try to eat some small things or drink a healthy smoothie in the morning! It really makes a difference to how you feel throughout the day!

For lunch I suggest something quick and easy as well. Especially if your classes are non-stop throughout the day you'll want something you can eat between class so you can focus, rather than eat in class like I have done before hahaha. A sandwich is good for these situations!

If you have time for a sit down, wholesome meal then definitely do it! You can even look through your notes a little while waiting for your food to come or cool down if you're really a study bugger hahaha.

I know a lot of us love caffeinated drinks, just be careful on how many sweet/caffeine filled drinks you have in a day! Water is really the best option!

And by eat I don't mean a bag of chips in the morning and a muffin for lunch. Yes I know people who took to this type of diet for a lot of the school year, and it's not good! I'm not a nutritionist or health expert, and I do eat things like chips and pop tarts and stuff. And I know sometimes people are in a rush or in a pinch and they have no choice but to eat that way. I just want to encourage at least some of you to maybe think about eating at least a semi-real meal every once in a while? Especially people who live away from caretakers and people who usually provide meals and things *tries to be ambiguous to appeal to a larger audience* Maybe think about eating a sandwich with tasty things like avocado and cheese? Turkey and tomato? Easy pasta dishes? If you have trouble with time management, make your breakfast or lunch the night before and have it ready for the morning! That's what I do :D I dunno you guys, just at least remember to eat something!! Please! I've nearly fallen asleep in class before because I lacked energy from skipping out on a proper lunch (I LOVE strawberry Poptarts 3:) it sucks.

3.) Stay active!

This is something I'm definitely taking on this year. I was afraid to visit the IMA (basically the school gym) at our school last year but this time I'm going to change that >:) I'm going to try and find a workout buddy or at least invest in a nice workout outfit so I feel obligated to work out everyday. Freshman fifteen is too real you guys lol, trust me.

4.) Talk to people!

I had trouble doing this around the end of the school year as well. It's so weird, I start out confident and talk to everyone and make friends at the beginning of the year. And I think the reason I might have tapered off on the socialization at the end of the year was because I was starting to just get really down spring quarter and I didn't really try my best at much at that point. Now I know I'm happier when I have people and friends whom I can relate to and talk to! Don't bottle it up and stick it out on your own, or at least try not to even though it can be hard to meet new people if you're an introvert like me ^__^ I WILL find a study group this year!! I WILL talk to the T.A. when I have questions and am struggling!! I WILL make new friends!! Hahaha

5.) Remember why you're in school in the first place!!

Try not to over stress when it comes to school! Know your limitations, set goals, sort out problems/ask questions when you don't understand, and know that mistakes do happen (BIG and small ^.^) but what matters is how you bounce back.

This reason is different for everyone I'd say. Even though many people say it's because they want to have a good job and have a good life in the future, everyone has different details and things that motivate them to go to school. I could tell you to go to class everyday or buy all the textbooks and read them all front to back, but I know that just isn't realistic for everyone. We all have off days! And that's totally OK :) That's why it's always good to find that one thing that motivates you to do whatever it is you do in life. I mostly just want to say we should do the best we can do and have no regrets! Not trying my hardest and only dipping my toes into things last year is probably my biggest regret for last year and I'll be paying for it with hard work these next three years :D Whether you have chosen to go to school or are not currently in school or in the ideal situation you want to be in right now I hope we all try our best at life together =^__^=

Alright now onto some essentials for school! I'll just lay out some basic things I can't leave home without ^.^

If your fall weather is like what we have in the PNW, you're definitely going to want to invest in some good rain gear haha.

Having a cute rain jacket handy is always a good idea :3 This one is from Urban Outfitters I think?

A rain poncho is able to cover your whole body and even your backpack if you get an extra big one! Urban Outfitters always has cool ones but they aren't always cheap 3: I buy them when they go on sale for $5 lol.

Yep, here it rains in the summer...

And of course in the fall ^.^ But cute rain boots help make rainy days cheerier! 

You'll also be walking around quite a bit if you have a big school campus that has outdoor areas so make sure you have good walking shoes/rain boots if this is also your case!

A laptop is also something you should have handy, but don't think you need to go out and buy a brand new one especially if  you are starting college and feel obligated to do so. It's not always necessary! I recommend going to class for at least a month before you think about buying a laptop. The only times I've really needed it while I was on campus was when I took it to quiz section to work on a group project. But other than that I really didn't need it with me most of the time! I just took it to school so I didn't have to use one of the school computers even though there were a ton available. It's nice to have a laptop whether you live on campus or not but you can definitely get by just fine by using the school computers or a desktop if you already have it. I thought I would need a laptop to help me take notes but it turns out that a paper pad and a pen are my tools of choice for note taking ^.^ I suppose it all depends on your preference though! If you do decide to get a laptop, definitely try to take advantage of any discounts your school might get you on tech!! If you plan on carrying it around (and/or if you commute like me) you probably want a lighter/more compact laptop. I also bring my charger with me and there are charging ports in places all over campus like the library.

Lastly I would say that all you might need is a bit of cash on hand to buy yourself lunch in case you need it for something. Around campus our school card is accepted in most places but sometimes you might find yourself in need of a few dollars, so carry around maybe five dollars in ones and a few quarters? And keep your school card in an accessible place because sometimes you might need that right away as well!

***QUICK PSA ON ALL NIGHTERS: If you know you can avoid them, avoid them. We have all stayed up until 2 in the morning working on an assignment that was given weeks in advance. If you're like me and work best under pressure, I'm sure you've found that all nighters have actually given you some pretty good results in the past. But you know what also has good results? Sleep. We all need more of that as well. So please (me especially included) try to keep yourself (myself) organized and do assignments bit by bit and not all in one night. Thank you.

I hope this back to school post didn't stress you out or make you guys anxious (like it sort of did for me while listing all these things hahaha). But I also hope this school year is a great one for all of us as well!!

xoxo Abby

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

~What's In My Makeup Collection?~

Hi lovelies! I realized while writing a different post that I wasn't completely sure what I have in terms of makeup right now. So I decided to go through that with you guys! Like I said in the past, I'm definitely not an expert in makeup or anything. But anyways, here's what I have collected over the past one and a half years or so starting my makeup wearing adventures!

Instead of going in order of what I first bought when I started wearing makeup (like I originally wanted to) I just took pictures of everything in pairs and put them in order I wear them in haha ^.^

SO! First things first! Here are all my primers. The main one I use is the Smashbox Photo Finish all over a clean face ^__^ Next to it I have eyelid primers, the Estee Lauder one is one that my mom wasn't using so she gave it to me ahha. But I don't really use it all that often, I probably should though. It might help with the smudging. The smaller pot below that has a sample from a Too Faced eye primer that I can't remember the name of but it smells awful and I gave up using it hahahha. 

Next up is cream/foundation. These days I use BB cream a lot more often than foundation. I've found that depending on the product you will get different coverage results, whether it's a BB/CC cream or foundation doesn't really make much of difference. All of the BB creams I've tried so far have actually given me more coverage! I always thought foundation would do that but, trial and error! What can I say? Hahaha. If I'm wearing anything that doesn't already have SPF in it I usually put the Beach Defense sunscreen on right after putting on primer, sometimes even before putting primer on because it's light and hydrating and doesn't irritate my skin ^.^ The BB creams on the top picture are in order of when I got them, not my preference (although I got the CC cream and Shara Shara things together, oops lol). If you read my blog from the beginning you might remember that I swatched the Shara Shara and Too Cool For School CC cream from my Meme Boxes here. Using the Atom BB cream (white) and L'OREAL BB cream (my review here)together is my current favorite as it matches my skin tone the best! I used to use the Shara Shara BB cream in the winter time because it's VERY ashy looking and washes me out. It has grey tones that seem to counteract my redness but it's just tooooo light for me right now hahaha. The Atom BB cream is also too light so I like to mix it with the L'OREAL (this one first to get rid of redness, then the Atom on top of it because it also has SPF) since it's a bit darker and blends nicer with my current natural skin tone. The CC cream probably has my favorite scent and texture of all my BB creams but it is also too light for me right now. Asian cosmetics tend to be on the lighter side so make sure you are wary of that when purchasing them! 

As for foundations the Pur Minerals Liquid Veil (which I did a review on here) is my favorite of these two because it matches my skin tone better (even though it's still kinda light) and is build-able since it's a spray type foundation! The Calypso Magic Foundation I also (sort of) did a review on here and has more one application coverage than the Liquid Veil and is not my favorite shade. I tend to use it on my neck and it blends with the rest of my makeup on my face somehow hahahha.

Sometimes I put concealer on before cream, sometimes after. These days I don't wear it much partially because I'm running out, partially because I don't really like the coverage of this concealer, and partially because my skin is mostly clearing up anyways and my BB cream takes care of my redness hahaha >__< 

Depending on whether I forget or not I usually put powder on next to smooth everything over. I use the kabuki (blue) brush with the Skinfood powder, I just find that it spreads things better than the puff I guess haha. And I take the compact with me to school or in my purse even though I still get oily after a few hours T__T The other brush is one that I use with the Pur Minerals foundation! 

Sometimes I just stop there, but when I'm really feeling up to it I also add a bit of eyeshadow:

This is the only eyeshadow palette I have and I love it so much I don't need any other ones <3__<3 I did a review of this here as well! I basically use only two colors because I'm lazy and boring and I don't experiment with colors at all ahhaa. It keeps me from looking less dead in the morning tbh. I also have a lil eyeshadow brush in there that my mom found and gave to me because apparently all her eyeshadow palettes come with their own brushes. Step up your game Too Faced, I wish this came with a cute chocolate brush T__T 

After my face is all done I spritz some of my Shiseido face mist (which I might do a review on in the future) all over my face and neck and pat to set:

I'd say on average this past summer I was usually done with my makeup after putting on a bit of mascara! Even though my eyelashes are already pretty long, I like the look of extra length ^.^ I'm a bit greedy you see lol. I don't curl em' though, just mascara:

These ones actually are listed in order of my preference. Mostly because a lot of them (all of them?!) are basically free/from my mom since she gets them for free when she orders things lol. Benefit is my newest one and it's AMAZING. NO CLUMPS. And it makes my eyelashes so even and long ugh it's beautiful. Before I had that one I used that white Estee Lauder Sumptutous Bold Lifting mascara. I think I used to have a Clinique volume one that I used more often but I can't find it?! The other Clinique High Impact mascara is also quite good too. It has a nice long wand and the bristles on the brush are smooth. I rarely get clumps from the Clinique ones as well ^.^ The Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara is one that I don't use often so I'm not sure if it works super well. It's one that's often at the bottom of my makeup bag for some reason lol. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara was the most disappointing personally. Two of my other friends who have tried it (hi Karyn and Angelina if you guys read my blog!! LOL) said it works nicely for them. But for some reason it's just SOOO clumpy for me! And it's frustrating because in the beginning when I first got it it worked well and the brush has so many bristles that the volume and impact of lashes is AMAZING. But now it ALWAYS CLUMPS and I just can't. 

Even on days when I don't wear makeup I like to wear some lip stuff!! LIP. STUFF. IS. MY. FAVORITE. And of all the lip stuff, lip tints and lip milks are my absolute favorite!!! So of course my lip stuff collection reflects my obsession lol:

Pro-tip! I keep my lip tints standing upright on a shelf inside my closet (a cool dry place) so they don't get sticky or anything :3

These are listed in order of my preference (except that Shara Shara, I just put it on top ahhaha) and I think there are so many that I'll just do a mass review on all my lip stuff because I love them so much lol. But basically I wear the four in the first top row pretty much all the time. 

Aaaaand last but not least! On school days when I'm feeling super fabulous (or I'm feeling really crappy but I want to look fabulous!) I wear eyeliner! Liquid is my favorite because it's easiest for me to control ahha. I've always used liquid since using eyeliner but I have a few non liquid (they might be pencil or something?) that my mom gave me because she doesn't use them. As you can see I get a lot of makeup leftovers from my mom LOL. 

The eyeliners are in order of how often I use them. The Colossal eyeliner is my favorite because it's basically a giant black marker! And since I like drawing and stuff I'm very use to drawing lines with markers and things. My hands are quite stready. I've even applied eyeliner while on the bus before LOL. But that was back in winter quarter when I was a pro and now I'm back to being a novice and my wings aren't even because it's summer OK?! /rantover LOL. The very first makeup I ever got that wasn't lip stuff was the gold sparkly eyeliner and that was in high school! My mom was ok with it because she said it looked cute and didn't make me look mature >.< hahaha The Flower eyeliner is also one of my favorites. It's a brown one from a makeup line that Drew Barrymore has(had?!) but I don't see it in store anymore!! That makes me sad because this had the nicest light brown color and had a marker like tip as well. I hope I find it in stores again! The Rimmel and Pallaido are about at the same level since they are liquid but you have to dip them and stuff. The color is good and they're smooth to put on, but for some reason my eyeliner just ends up looking bad when I use these? The brushes are a lot stiffer is probably why. That's why I mostly use these for tight lining. The pink one in the middle is K-Palette 1-Day Magic eyeliner in dark brown. It has a thin side and a thick side of the brush (though it's one brush) and I would love it more if it wasn't so difficult to handle because of that. Perhaps I just need more practice using it hahaha. The last two are a brown Clio pencil type eyeliner in brown and an Intersense dual eyeliner/eyeshadow set in pink. I thought the pink was much stronger in the Intersense one when I first swatched it at the store. But when I actually tried it on at home you really couldn't see it. How disappointing lol.

The rest of the random stuff I have in my bag is some Shara Shara lip scrub (also from my Meme Box!), Softlips chapstick in vanilla, and some Princess Vera Wang perfume sticks, TonyMoly Bunny Perfume stick (pink), a few masks I don't use, and an aqua colored nail polish pen!

I hope you all enjoyed perusing through my makeup bag! It really all fits in one bag right now! LOL. For now. Let's continue my makeup adventures on here together, shall we? =^__^= And thanks for reading as always! <3

xoxo Abby 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

~Beauty Review: L'OREAL Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Anti-Redness (Green)~

Hi guys! I'm back with a drugstore beauty product on this lovely Saturday ^.^ I don't usually buy drugstore products because I worry about my sensitive skin. But I really wanted to try an anti redness product because of my recent redness flareup from experimenting with hair removal strips 3: I found some online that I wanted to try, but I didn't want to spend money on the good stuff until I knew if the green color theory thing actually worked! As it turns out, the cream I wanted to buy online was actually cheaper than this one that I bought at the drugstore T___T Oh well hahaha~

***TL;DR at the bottom of this post!! ^.^***

Anyways, we went to Walmart so I could pick up some supplies for upcoming DIY projects I have! And while looking for my mom in the cosmetics section I remembered that I was looking for a green primer! Instead I noticed that these green BB creams by L'OREAL were almost all gone. So I did the thing where I thought that since they were all gone they must be popular and work well! lol. I think it was a bit over $8 after taxes and the one I wanted online was $6 phooey.

The next day I decided to try it out! Even though we were only going local hahaha~ I actually ended up being glad that I bought a BB cream instead of looking for a green primer or base just because I like my current primer and my BB cream/sunscreen for summer kind of washes me out a little hahaha.

Ingredients! Sorry if you can't read it super well D:

Promises to neutralize redness, correct skin color evenness, hydrate skin, and perfect skin. Also claims to be non-comodogenic and will not clog pores. Coolio. 

This L'OREAL BB cream claims that it "transforms to universal shade to reduce the look of redness" and I thought to myself, what is a universal shade? Uhh?

When I first opened it up I was pretty surprised lol. It's so liquid-y!!! It's thicker than water but flows like it. I was borderline disappointed with that at first. But I thought to myself, maybe I just need to shake it first? SO I closed it back up and shook it. Opened it up again, still the same consistency lol. I thought to myself, "oh man, is this a dud?!".

Before trying out the BB cream I just put some primer on:

Just the primer I always use: smooth and silky feeling, Smashbox Photo Finish.
Redness is mostly on my cheeks 3: In the most natural lighting I could find by the window in my room hahaha.
I hope you can tell here, but there are little grey/brown looking flecks in the green! These are the Beautifying Beads that apparently transform and blend to your skin tone while correcting redness.

Testing it on one side of my face first to see.
After blending with my stippling brush that I got with my Pur Minerals foundation.

On the left of this picture I have just primer, on the right I have primer and the BB cream.
Whole face with primer+BB cream and translucent powder for oil control as well as a bit of eyeshadow from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette <3

In less natural bathroom lighting ahhaha.

I didn't add concealer or anything since it hit the redness pretty well. I could still see the spots but they were a muted tan color rather than pinky red after applying the BB cream, which was better I think.

Consistency 7/10: It's so runny it's kind of annoying to put on. Maybe I just don't know enough about makeup yet? Is this supposed to be runny like this? I mean it's fine on my actual face because it's so runny and light it's like I'm hardly wearing makeup. So I'll give it props for that. Maybe I'd like a whipped cream better because that's light but not runny to put on? Hmm I'll look into that.

Coverage 8/10: I like this compared to my other BB cream right now since I'm still slightly tanner than I am the rest of the year since summer is setting. This one doesn't wash me out like my other BB cream, yay! As for covering redness, this coverage is nice and light and makes my makeup look natural~ At first I couldn't even tell if it worked or not and I'm not sure how I feel about that so for now I'll give this an 8 out of 10 since it's the first green tinted anti redness cream I've tried and I have nothing to compare it to yet hahaha.

Scent 7/10: It has a chemical smell that you get used to once you put it on. It isn't overpowering put it is a little off putting at first I must say. After putting on the rest of my makeup I didn't seem to notice it, so I guess the scent it ok.

Ease of use 5/10: Like I said, since it's so runny it can be difficult and messy to apply sometimes.

Works overall 7/10:It hasn't caused me to break out yet! And I've been using it for about a week now so that's pretty nice :D Doesn't seem to irritate my skin and it doesn't wash me out like my other BB cream. So I guess that means it's working for me for the most part right now. Nice.

Would re-buy?: Even though I have nothing to compare it to right now I don't think I would re-buy. Most other months my face is somewhat pale anyways. And I noticed that this BB cream oxidizes and turns an orange-y shade so unless your natural skin tone blends well this this orange-y tone I don't recommend this. I'm not disappointed but I'm not sprung either. Just neutral about this right now I guess?

Thanks for reading as always!! I might keep a lookout for other green BB creams to compare to this on in the future. I will keep you updated on how I feel about this lol.

xoxo Abby