Monday, April 13, 2015

~Monday Makeup Must-Haves!~

Hello all!~ Once again I have been slacking on my blogging kekeke. This past weekend was spent working on homework projects and going on a fun field trip to see a waterfall (which also included a tiring hike back up T__T hahaha). So to try and keep up with regular posting I'm gonna tell you guys about some of my favorite makeup products I use in my daily makeup routine! I might post a separate post another time where I show you all my actual makeup routine, but for now these are the products I use almost every morning for a casual school look! Also something to keep in mind as you read through this: I'm definitely a makeup noob and I don't consider myself an expert in this area at all so if you have suggestions/tips/techniques I'd be overjoyed! As long as you aren't negative/judge-y of me or anyone else who puts in their opinion, ok? OK! Let's get started!

If you guys read through one of my previous posts I did a review on Meme Box: My Cute Wishlist! And one of the things in that box that I use on a daily basis is the Shara Shara Fairy's Makeup Synergy Sun Cream~ Above all my makeup usage I care about the heath of my skin the most! I'd rather not wear makeup at all for a while and give my skin a break than layer it on and further irritate my skin but cover up blemishes. So sunscreen is definitely something I put on anytime I go out for long periods of time, even if I think I'll be indoors most of the day or if it's overcast outside. 

Since first buying this Meme Box I've pretty much used this everyday even on days when I don't wear any other makeup on top of it. Also, if you read the Cute Wishlist review you might see that I mentioned this product has pump issues. I've looked at other reviews and no one else mentioned this as a problem (that I saw) so that was a bit frustrating for a while. But I just managed by unscrewing it every time I wanted to use some. 

After layering on a good amount of sunscreen I put on primer! Primer is actually something I've added to my morning routine recently since my mom gave me her extra primer (she said without primer my foundation looks streaky lol, thanks ma). The one she likes is Smashbox Photo Finish:

Image c/o

Since this is pretty much my first time using primer I'm wondering, does anyone else feel that primer smells really gross? I had a sample of Too Faced primer that I've been avoiding because it also smells really terrible. I don't know if this is true for all primers or only the ones I've used so far?? Can someone give their input in this situation? Does your primer smell weird? Hahaha ^__^ Anyways, this primer is really silky smooth. Compared to the Too Faced one (which I think is only for eyes but I'm not sure?) that I reviewed in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette before this one, the Smashbox Photo Finish is much smoother and a lot less oily. It makes my foundation go on very nicely :3

Another thing I've recently tried is foundation, actually! Before trying out foundation I just used the BB and CC creams I got from my Meme Boxes. And those were really nice (also the Too Cool For School one had the BEST smell!!) But I wanted something with a bit more coverage, so I decided to try out Calypso Magic Foundation in Pink Beige. I don't know why I chose pink beige when I'm already kinda pink and blushy in the face area, do I need to choose a foundation that balances out the pinkness if I'm trying to reduce redness? Hmm, I dunno. This is a Japanese brand that I got at Uwajimaya in the cosmetics section. So far I quite like it though! The coverage is nice and the foundation feels lightweight. My only beef is that it doesn't seem to stay in place at times, but I'm not sure if that's the foundation's fault or the other makeup I'm using?

Image c/o

Aaaaand another thing that I've just recently been using (although I'm not sure why I never thought to use it before?!) concealer! This is just a sample Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer. I don't actually know which color it is since it was my mom's but she didn't like the color so she gave it to me! Hahaha~ I just dab a bit on this over any acne scars or reddish bumps as well as the corner of my lips and under my eyes! 

Image c/o

Second to last: I use Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder! Before I use to only use sunscreen and this, then I moved to sunscreen, BB/CC, and this, and now my normal routine! But either way this has always been one of my favorite products to use! Skin Food likes to use a lot of natural things in their products. And this powder smells so good! It's supposed to be a translucent powder but I find that it washes me out a bit. I might pick up some Too Faced bronzer to put on over this so I don't look so grey all the time hahaha. But nevertheless! I really love this powder because it sucks up the excess sebum that lays on my skin over the course of the day. And I do touch ups with my Too Cool For School Compact every once in a while if I'm particularly oily that day hahaha.

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Finally! I use my chocolate bar palette to do my eyes and any contouring if I feel like it! (read the review before this post for more details if you'd like!) :3

And that's pretty much it! I am in LOVEEE with lip products though so that changes on a day to day basis depending on my outfit ;D hahaha! Maybe I'll do a separate post completely dedicated to my lip product collection, and possibly a skin care post? We shall see!

Also, depending on the day I'll add liquid eyeliner or mascara (I'm wearing mascara today huhuhu!)

I hope you guys liked this post! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave em' in the comments! <3

xoxo Abby

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