Saturday, April 18, 2015

~Get Ready With Me! (Long Post)~

Hello! Wanna know how to look like: 


Or this? 
 Me neither! But read on to find out how anyways if you'd like~ ^__^

Ok so I know I probably don't have the large, stable audience that most people have before doing this tag, BUT I do believe that there are quite a few people who actually read these posts. Soooo today I'll be going through my current morning routine from start to finish! Well, mostly after waking up and eating breakfast and such but we can skip over the details of that mess hahaha. Basically I "wake up" (aka open my eyes and only half function for the first hour or so of the morning), go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and then this tutorial begins! Ready? Alright! Good morning everyone! :D

Oh wait, almost forgot! Some background about this process ^.^ So it's Saturday as I type this (yay!) but I also have midterms this Wednesday for two classes (boooo~) but I still wanted to have a nice simple post. And I remembered mentioning possibly having a full on makeup tutorial that I do in the morning from my last post where I talked about the products I use on a daily basis (makeup wise in the morning anyways). That post I titled "Monday Makeup Must Haves" or something like that. So the details of the makeup stuff I'm using in that post will be there!

This is essentially what I do Mon (skip Tues because that's double lab day and that requires wearing long pants and the whole shebang, and I figure I'm going to sweat it off in lab or my goggles will just ruin my eyeliner so I don't even bother hahaha) Wed-Fri and sometimes Sat/Sun if I'm up to no good ;D Enjoy!

Like I mentioned up above, after brushing my teeth starts the real "getting ready" process! I start by steaming my face with a super warm/borderline hot towel. I saw this method of steaming the face before washing your face on a pinterest meme type photo ( which I can't seem to find of course T^T right when I need it!) But anyways, it was quite helpful in giving me the steps of the face washing process which are essential to healthy skin! It might not work for everyone, but I think it works pretty well for me?

Right after brushing start with still oily morning face

Run hottest tap water over a clean washcloth
Steam face like dim sum~ yum
This is the method I use since I don't have an actual face steamer, but if you do have one definitely use it! Or if you are able to and think it's a worthy investment you can look online to purchase one :3 They tend to be quite expensive unfortunately 3:

BAM! After the steam ^__^
This next part I only do once ever couple of weeks because the results are often pretty long lasting:

Pardon the awkward sideways photo T__T 
This is The Face Shop (Korean skincare brand) White Clay Nose Pack! It removes blackheads and is mainly for your nose area, but you can really use it anywhere on your face where you get blackheads ^.^

As you can see from this close up of my face, I usually put some on my nose and chin areas since these are the places I usually get blackheads! The texture of the mask is very sticky and thick like cement since it turns into a peel of mask on your skin as it dries. If you don't like having to layer on a mask, nose pore packs are often more convenient (although both hurt when you have to peel them off in the end yowch!).

Stop winking Abs, is there something wrong with your eye? Hahaha >.<
Ok! Pores clear!
Side-note: Usually as I wait for the mask to dry I tweeze my mustache and eyebrow area if it's unruly ^.^
Now we actually get to the face cleaning! I know it seems like a lot of steps and a long process for a morning routine, but once you do these steps often you get quite efficient at it! And like I mentioned I only do this pore mask once every couple of weeks on the weekend so minus this step after steaming and that's my really average routine! Ok? Let's move on then!

More sideways photos?! Really?! Ughhh
Hahaha I use the Clinique Sparkle Skin exfoliating scrub in the morning once a week (usually when my skin feels particularly built up with dirt and sebum) but mostly in the morning I use the "ddung" Family Milky Foam Cleansing Cream I got from one of my Meme Boxes ^.^ It smells nice and has a creamy texture and feels very nice and moisturizing on my skin after the rough, gritty (but very refreshing) exfoliating scrub.

Bubble bubble POP!
I often use this little scrubby I got from Daiso to exfoliate my face on days when I don't need the sparkle scrub but I still want to get down into my face a bit more :3

Rinse and pat the face dry! Sometimes if I still feel a bit dry I either put on this Tony Moly Appletox Face essence stuff that smells really nice but is super sticky! (I usually put this on at night for that reason) Or some good ole' scent free Cetaphil. I always put some Cetaphil on my lips and then a good layer of chapstick so they don't dry out and crack while I get ready.

And now we move on to putting my face on :D woop!

Add your favorite face sunscreen onto clean, lightly moisturized face!
Here I'm using my Fairy sunscreen from the Meme Box. As you can see below it washes out my face a lot and makes me look super pale... but for now I still like it until I find a sunscreen that at least matches my skin tone better T^T.

"Conceal don't feel"
This is after sunscreen, Smashbox primer, and Estee concealer xD

And this is after sunscreen, primer, concealer, and my Too Cool for School CC cream that I use when I want a thinner layer of makeup and don't want to use foundation! It smells SOOO good I need to get more because this sample I have is almost gone D:

Aaaand BAM! This is after all those things plus my Skin Food setting/oil preventing powder and minimal "contouring" and eyeshadow application thanks to my Too Faced Chocolate Palette <3 I always try to do my makeup in natural lighting for best results :3 So that means outside by the window or in my room near the window haha.

And last but not least, outfit time! I usually prepare my outfit in my brain at night if I'm up to it. Occasionally I'll even prepare it at night if I'm really ambitious! But usually it's a random shuffling of clothing in the morning, throwing it on and seeing if it's comfortable! ^>^

Basically I start by looking at the weather I see outside and then the forecast for what it'll look like later in the day. Our weather can be pretty unpredictable so I always double check before I go to school. Such is the commuter/Uni life hahaha ^.^

Then I tear into my closet and either A) try on the outfit I prepared if I haven't already the night before B) wear an outfit I've worn before and looked good in or C) throw stuff together and hope it doesn't look too wompy! (But who am I kidding, I always look super wompy hahahaha)

For example, today was some pretty dang good spring weather! Upper sixties promised all the way through the weekend into Tuesday! Yay! And I wasn't going to be out long enough for it to get super cold at night where I needed a hoodie so I planned to wear this! BUT ALAS! This shirt had a hole in it! So it had to be retired 3:

Selfies from the final resulting outfit with the same shirt in a different color hahaha!
Outfit details:
First photo at beginning of this post:
~Ice cream tank top and light pink cardigan from H&M
~ Skirt: Uniqlo (two years ago-ish but I didn't like it until now for some reason?!)-also in second to last outfit photo
~ Mint ruffle socks- Topshop
~ Mint shoes- Keds

Second photo at beginning of this post:
~grey hoodie with angel wings- Amazon
~striped pink "crop top"- Forever 21 Girls (it's not really meant to be a crop top for girls but that's how I'm using it! mwaahaha!)-also in second to last outfit photo
~periwinkle skater dress- Forever 21
~ bright pink tights- Target :D

Shugo Chara hat in second to last and last outfits: Anime World xD

Last photo at end of this post:
~striped blue "crop top"- also from the F21 Girls section teehee~
~black and white flecked dress- H&M two years-ish ago
~ cat face bag- Uwajimaya (Kinokuniya)
~White watch- Baby G-Shock (or something?)

Whew! Does that feel like a long morning to you? Well it sure feels like it when I type it all out, but it really isn't that long! This whole process takes me 30 mins or less! Yay!

Hope you all enjoyed this! It was interesting actually documenting the whole process haha C: Questions & comments down below would be much appreciated! And thank you all again so much for reading and getting ready with me! <3

We're nearing the end of the school year so if you're still a student anywhere in life, good luck in this last long stretch! Good luck in whatever you have to do right now, sending you good vibes and happy times to come ! STAY STRONG, FINISH STRONG RIGHT?! YEAHHHH! We can do this!!

Abby <3


  1. That egg dress and bag is so cool! :)

    xo Precious

    1. Aren't they absolutely egg-cellent? :D Hahaha! Thanks for taking a look Precious! ^___^