Wednesday, April 29, 2015

~Wednesday Wish List~

Hello all! I haven't done a Wednesday wish list for awhile ^.^ I hope no one has noticed that I'm late on my posting schedule hahaha. Shhhh I've had mid-term after mid-term lately, ok? Tsk, tsk, excuses ^__^ Anyway! Here are some items I've been crushing on for the past couple of weeks or so! Some of them I've actually been eyeing for years T___T hahaha

Sets are basically just matchy-matchy tops and bottoms. They come in skirt/shirt, pants/shirt, shorts/shirt etc. combos and they're amazing <3 It's just a dress split in half and you get the freedom of having the option to wear the top and bottom pieces separately as well! GENIUS! And this set has eggs I'm so in love <3__<3 This particular set is from an online store called Inu-Inu. They seem to work really hard to care for their customers, I haven't looked into them much but their clothes are cute but kinda pricey.

2.) Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks~
I've been eyeing one of these babies for quite some time now. But I could never bring myself to buy one because I'm just too committed to my Dakine since it's so sturdy and holds so much. I like the Kankens more for their pretty colors and square aesthetic shape. I've seen a lot of these on Tumblr on those coolio art kids who have Copics and Moleskines. *Sigh* if only I could pull off the effortless artsy look >.< hahaha I also don't know which color I want! I'm floating between light pink and light blue, I originally wanted the Ochre one but meh.

Img. from Tumblr
Bonus items on the Kanken I put up on my collage:
I also included this The Bears' School Jackie squishy strawberry pancake keychain from Strapya/Hamee~ I'm always eyeing something from that website hahaha.

And the little egg brooch on the top left corner of the Kanken is by one of my favorite artists Natali Koromoto . I don't know if she will be re-selling some of these brooches that I've seen but I tried to make my own version out of polymer clay haha. I've also been wanting these brooches by a Tumblr user I follow called peachy-blonde who currently goes by the username smallplum. Egg brooches, dog brooches, colorful little doo-dads they're all so cute!

My lame renditions of hard boiled egg brooch, toast brooch, and moomin brooch by Natali Koromoto,  as well as my versions of a fried egg pin and dog brooch by peachy-blonde. (Plus a Kobito Dukan pin and lil' ice cream scoops I made for fun haha) All out of polymer clay :3 

3.) Sailor Moon Platform Shoes
Ok so I just saw these today while I was trying to look for a different SM item on Polyvore but I like these a lot more so yeah hahaha. This is via printalloverme.

4.) Tamagotchi P.
This is another thing I've been wanting for the longest time. It's just so pastel pretty and tamagotchis are the best thing ever. And these ones come with little "pierces" (hence the "P" in the name) that allow the theme of the tamagotchi to change and they're so cute!! I'm eyeing this one on Amazon~ Maybe someday ^.^

5.) Samantha Pleet Galaxy Dress- L Aqua, R Rust
I've always been in love with these sheer type dresses. And I think I even had one in my last Wednesday Wish list? These ones by Samantha Pleet are SOOOO DREAMY!~ The whole website is drool-worthy actually hahaha. Unfortunately the price of these babies are just much too steep for me, but I can dream, right? Maybe I can whip up one of these babies for myself ;D time to break out the sewing machine!

6.) Keito-e brooches~
These are more brooches I've found via Tumblr and they're just the cutest little things ever O>O The ones I featured are what I think look like seagulls, a loaf of bread, a bear holding bread, and (possibly) tempura shrimp? I have no idea if you can buy these at all, but once again I ventured to try and make the little sea-gull dudes >.<

Mine are certainly not as cool as the originals, but they'll do for me for now haha. The colorful little pins are based off of pins made by peachy-blonde (again) that I saw on Instagram. I know, I'm tragically unoriginal hahaha. 
*start PSA* It's important to note that I did ask peachy-blonde if she was ok with me making these brooches for myself and she said yes as long as I tag her in the pictures. And this is something you should always remember to do when you post anything with someone else's artwork, give them credit for their amazing talent! Even if you made a version of their thing for yourself, ask and give credit anyways. OK? OK! <3 Thanks cuties! *end PSA*

7.) Eyecandy Chokers~
I never thought I'd be into chokers but after seeing these by Eyecandy I immediately wanted some! Yes, multiple ones haha. It's so hard to choose just one! And the rosettes that are also sold in this shop are to DIE FOR. There are Sailor Moon ones and sassy ones ugh, I want them all hahaha. Wanna know the best part? They're all HANDMADE! I haven't bought anything from here yet but the quality looks great from here, I might pick something out to do a review for!

For all you pretty mermaids out there~ The only thing I'm wondering about is sizing of the chokers, I might ask the shop owner about that before I order one...
And all the pretty pins <3__<3

8.) Etude House Silk Scarf Hair-mask & Wonder Pore Clay mask
I've been eyeing these beauty products for some time now because I've heard a lot of people rave about them. I haven't actually tried any specific "hair masks" but I have tried overnight serums for hair and hair oil before. My hair can be quite "picky" and it tends to be oily toward the roots and dry toward the bottom (because I've bleached/lightened it in the past) so I thought trying a mask might be a good idea. As for the Wonder Pore, I LOVE clay masks, the feeling afterward is just so refreshing ^__^ and surprisingly I've never tried any Etude House masks before so these look like a good place to start!

I found this one for $14.36 (USD) on a website called KollectionK but I think I might just look for it on Amazon or something.

9.) Denim overall dress
The last item on my list is another thing I've been wanting for FOREVER, but I can never find one that I like so I don't have one yet hahaha. This particular one I've featured is actually quite nice looking, but of course it's sold out (it's probably been sold out forever now haha) but it was from Urban Outfitters by Coincidence and Chance. And for some reason I can't find one that I like online that's actually for sale T__T Maybe I'll just hit up the thrift store and find one of those big denim overall dresses and chop it up or something? *sigh* sounds like too much work ahha xD

This one from Gojane would be cuter if it didn't have that ripped style :P  phooey

Woop woop! I posted this week! It counts, ok? Hahahaha~ Thanks so much for reading as usual honeys! If you have questions or any idea where I can find a cute denim overall dress let me know in the comments please and thank you! <3



  1. hey! do you happen to know what color the red-pink kanken that cute girl is wearing? I thought it was peach pink, but peach pink is more pink than red.. thanks!

    1. Hi! I believe there is a filter over that picture as well as maybe the lighting of the picture and natural wear of the backpack making it look more pinky red. To me it looks mostly like the "Deep Red" backpack! There are two red color ways that I know of: deep red and ox red. The backpack on the girl looks pretty light but not super bright like peachy pink so I'd bet on deep red! Hope this helps! Thanks for checking out my wish list! <3