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~Beauty Review: Chosungah 22 Click Click Click Multicolor Lip Tint~

Hello hello! Today I have another beauty review! I don't usually buy makeup products from Sephora but this lip tint caught my eye:

I tried a cushion lip tint before but I didn't really like the color or results. This time I decided to try it again because there were more colors available and it was a brand I hadn't seen before! I kind of wish that I looked online for this lip tint to see if it was cheaper on Amazon or an Asian cosmetics website before impulse buying this at Sephora but oh well haha. I also haven't seen many reviews on this yet so hopefully I can give you all a good first review ^.^

***HINT: TL;DR at the bottom of this post! <3***

The brand is Chosungah 22 and it's called Click Click Click Multicolor. I was trying to choose between Acai Berry (a purplish color) and a red color (I can't remember the name lol) and I chose the Acai Berry since I lost one of my other lip tints in a similar color T___T saaaad. This lip tint seems to be pretty new since I can't seem to find it on the Sephora website or on Google anywhere, which is weird hahaha. Not even on the Chosungah 22 website O.o I've never even heard of this brand until I saw it at Sephora >.< That's how much of an impulse buy this was lol, but it is a Korean cosmetics brand and the packaging looked cartoonish and funky (you know me with packaging lol) so I was like YEAH OOO COOL GOOD I needed a new lip tint hahaha.

Now onto the actual review! If you've never tried a cushion type lip product before, you're actually not missing out on much IMO. Like I said up above, I only tried one other lip tint and it was the Peripera Peri Cushion lipsin the color Play More (a BRIGHT pink). It had cute packaging and the concept of having a blending cushion on the end of the lip tint made it seem like it was good for gradient lips. But the Peripera version was disappointing to me because the actual tint sort of flaked off throughout the day and looked kinda like my lips were chapped and pink. So when I found this new cushion tint I didn't have super high hopes for it either, but I just LOVED the Acai Berry color when I swatched it so I decided to give the cushion a second try haha.

Here's what my lips looked like before applying the tint. I just did my normal makeup routine (which I will describe in a future post currently being worked on haha) and put a bit of Vaseline on my lips, which I wiped off mostly before putting on the tint~

And here's what the cushion part of the tint looks like!

When we were at Sephora I thought the concept of "Click Click" was kind of weird. It's supposed to be like a pen and if you look at the first of these two pictures above, on the right of the picture there is a clicker on the top of the tint pen and you click it like a pen until you start to see color come out like so:

After maybe 10-15 clicks

After about 20 clicks

Over 20-ish clicks
It really doesn't look like there is a lot of product on/in the brush after this many clicks. But at this point the brush is really actually loaded quite a bit! I touched this amount to my lips and attempted to do a gradient style:

First application: I just dabbed on a bit

Application 2: Dabbed on a bit more

Finished application: I spread it evenly on my lips and gave up on gradient lol
You could definitely do gradient with this lip tint! If you are experienced at doing it (unlike me hahaha). I think the consistency of this tint is what makes it nice for gradient lips. It's smooth and feels more like a juicy tint rather than a cream tint (like the Peripera Cushion one for example) but it's also not like a milk tint (my fave) so I have to put chapstick over it, which I'm totally fine with haha. It's definitely a build able color as well. Now that I look at it, it doesn't really show up that much in these three pictures I provided from the first to third application, but in person you could really see the difference between dabbing a bit on and building up the color. And that makes sense because this is actually meant to be a lip AND cheek tint! But I'm focusing on the lip aspect because I actually don't wear cheek tints or blushes ^____^ lol.

See? There's actually quite a bit of product! It didn't look like there was that much (even after clicking it so many times) but once you press it to your lips the liquid spreads to the top of the cushion and BAM!! COLOR!

These days I don't go out looking for a lip tint expecting it to be super long lasting. But I always check longevity and how many times I have to reapply anyways haha. This tint actually surprised me a little bit! Most of my other tints last about two hours before you really can't see that I'm wearing tint anymore. I know this because I recall having to reapply in between class last year and also after going to the movies with friends.

This is in the H&M fitting room so the lighting isn't natural or the same as the one in the previous pics. But what can ya do? lol

OK so it's not that noticeable in this lighting. But this is about three hours after putting on lip tint and IRL it still looked like I was wearing tint! NICE. I didn't reapply or anything at this point either. This is still from that first application. I mostly didn't reapply because I actually forgot to bring the tint with me when we went out that day lol.

Here's what my lips looked like at the end of the day. The tint look is gone, but I'm still satisfied overall at how it lasted a few hours longer than my other tints! And it doesn't even promise to be long-lasting on the box, which is awesome considering it lasts longer than my other tint that did boast about longevity. 

And just so you guys know, I tend to lick and bite my lips throughout the day (bad habit? meh) and I also eat and drink a lot throughout the day as well. So you can imagine the average wear and tear my lips go through daily and this tint STILL stuck on for that long? I'm rather surprised, I'm definitely going to be testing this tint out more to see if that one day wasn't just a fluke or something lol.

Color 10/10: It matches the lip tint that I lost almost EXACTLY and I really loved that color so I hope I can find it again someday. But this tint might actually be better than that one now that I think about it? I thought it was going to be more of a pink color but it's a very nice mix of pink and purple. It's not super bright and I just think it suits me overall.

Longevity 8/10: Lasts longer than some of my other tints (Etude House Fresh Cherry and Peripera) but I would still recommend reapplying throughout the day if you want it to look vibrant. It fades subtly overtime and for me lasted til about 3-4 hours before it really faded away.

Taste 9/10: This category is kind of weird, but I felt like I needed to add it because some other tints I've tried (especially the juice tints) tasted really chemically. This one weirdly tastes lightly of actual juice! Kind of like raspberry Lipton tea? Please don't try eating or drinking the product just because I mentioned it lol. I trust you guys to be safe, okie? LOL

Scent 10/10: The scent is probably a big factor for why I thought this tint tasted like juice actually. It really does smell like a fruit juice, and maybe that's what made me think it tasted good lol. It doesn't have that bad chemical smell, just a fruity perfume scent that is only there for a while and fades. It's quite a light scent.

Texture 9/10: **EDITED 10/13**
OK so after using this constantly for the past two weeks or so, I'm pretty sure this is actually more of a milk tint than a juice tint! YAY! I guess it was just really liquid-y when I first used it and did this review so I assumed it was a juice tint. It is a bit moister than some of my other milk tints though, surprisingly! Instead of drying matte and drying out your lips this tint sinks in nice and evenly after a few minutes and then you can gloss or balm right over it without fear of it smudging! Compared to my Peripera Cushion tint, this runnier (I guess?) milk tint had a better consistency with the cushion than a thicker, creamier tint ^__^

Design/concept 8/10: The click click concept is somewhat effective. You can't always tell how much product is coming out at first, it takes some trial and error. But it's not like you're wasting product really, it all just ends up on the brush anyways since it's a liquid type. There's so much clicking though, it might get annoying for some people LOL. But being a pen is really nice because they tend to have easier control and you can easily have it in your purse/bag/backpack/makeup pouch etc. without fearing it will spill like bottle tints!

Overall 9/10: I actually would buy this again! Even though it's more expensive than some of my other lip tints this one seems to have a nice color, texture, and amount of product per application, which makes it TOTALLY worth it. Aaaand I might go back for two other colors actually (red and pink LOL) SOMEONE STOP ME PLZ.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks beauty review! I start my second year of Uni on Wednesday (30th) AHHHHH!! Wish me luck! Good luck to you guys too! If there's anything else I forgot to mention about the tint that you guys want to know about, please comment below! <3

xoxo Abby

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