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~Beauty Review: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact and The Face Shop Magic Cover BB Cream~

Uhh I don't think that's what they meant by putting makeup on your face >,<

Gee that's a long title! Haha~ Hello everyone!! Today I'll be doing a dual review on two different products that I purchased from Amazon recently ^.^ I decided to do these two reviews together because I bought them to use together and this will be my first time trying them both out so I decided two in one would make the most sense and be more efficient ahha~

I now have four BB creams in my large make-up collection (large to my standards, ok? lol) Shara Shara BB cream, Atom BB cream, L'OREAL BB cream, and now this Magic Cover BB cream by The Face Shop! I've heard many promising things about this product. Mostly I just wanted to try something new, but I realized I ordered this before I bought the green BB cream I reviewed last time so...yeah now I have too many creams hahaha. Anyways, this particular one caught my eye because of it's packaging! Normally cute packaging is what catches my eye, but this time I noticed that this BB cream comes in a sort of tube/pump type packaging which I thought was pretty interesting! And I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try because it has SPF 20 and I'm always trying to look for the perfect coverage/color combo in BB cream. So far the closest I've gotten to matching my skin tone is mixing two of my different BB creams (now that I think about it, maybe I should also do an update on what's in my makeup collection? Yes.) and even then it's not exactly the right color. Hopefully this one will be closer! I ordered Natural Beige.

As for the compact powder, I actually only have two powders a loose one and a compact one. The loose one is my go to favorite: Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder. And the compact was one of the first makeup items I ever bought: Too Cool for School Photoready Compact. I expected the TCFS one to be really good but I find that after an hour or so, even in the winter when I'm not SUPER oily, my t-zone gets shiny. So I wanted a new powder that would give me better results. I was about to buy the Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact but I decided to try this Innisfree No-Sebum Pact first because the loose powder one has really awesome reviews.

Pictures of the products:

Pretty purple packaging ^.^

"The perfect cover fix powder magically covers fine skin flaws, through dense coverage to enable the skin to appear fair. It adheres to the skin comfortably and helps make-up last for an extended period of time."

On the back it tells you how to use the pump I think? 

I hope you can read this >.< lol

I love the color of the compact!

Compare the size to my hand. It's quite small, you see!

Here's my makeup routine using both of these products!

As usual I start with a clean face and dab on a bit of my Smashbox primer:

And now the BB cream!

See the cap and pump? 

This side of my face will be primer and BB cream only (with the powder on top later)

Texture of the BB cream:

You really don't need a lot for medium coverage, this BB cream is quite thick! I used this amount for half my face and I think it's still kind of too much!

Once it's blended in!

On the right side of this picture I'm putting the green tinted L'OREAL BB cream under this BB cream to see if it looks nicer/how the color blends with a darker colored cream:

Putting on the green stuff first!

Then TFS Magic Cover on top!

Everything is blended in!

Now my whole face has BB cream! In this pic no particular side looked "better" but I like the color (in person) of mixing the green and Magic BB creams (right side)

Time to set with powder!:

Swiped a bit with my finger.

Swatch on hand.

It really is translucent! A nice thin powder!

Apply with puff:

Can you tell it matte-fied my face? 

Compare sides of face:

Sometimes I don't mist after I use powder, this time I didn't for the sake of testing the oil trapping qualities of the compact!


BB Cream thoughts:
Texture/consistency: It's quite a thick BB cream! Not runny at all! And you can tell when you put it on that it's very creamy and smooth but it is also dry if that makes sense?! I didn't get what it meant on the front when it said "fix powder" but now I do. It gives you a dewy complexion without actually being liquid-y and oily feeling. It's like a matte texture with a dewy look! COOL.

Color match: Right when I put it on I could tell that it wasn't my shade hahaha. Surprise surprise. It is darker than my CC cream by Too Cool For School and is about the same as my Atom BB cream! A bit more olive-y than pink, which I appreciate since I'm trying to minimize my pink/red tones.

Scent: BEAUTIFUL. I love the scent of this product!! It's light and floral when you first put it on and stays smelling fresh throughout the day ^.^

Coverage: For me this is more of a medium-full coverage BB cream. It is still build able but I can see myself wearing just one layer of this! I might not even need the green BB cream underneath it because it's pretty perfect on it's own. There isn't much of a difference so maybe this could be my new go-to BB cream!!! AHH!

Irritation?: None at all! So far at least!

MAGIC?!: The only weird thing I noticed with this is when I looked in the mirror I think I missed a spot on my nose? And my pores just in that one area looked HUGE compared to the rest of my nose? I covered it up with the BB cream and it disappeared like it never happened. Are my pores really that large?! Or does this BB cream just shrink the pores on the rest of my face and nose so much that my normal looking pore look enlarged? Spoopy!

Longevity: My t-zone got a little cakey looking after about 4 hours outside walking around living life, but the side with just Magic cover and powder stood up a lot longer than green BB and the Magic BB, which is a good sign!

Overall: The color match was disappointing since that was one of the reasons why I wanted a new BB cream. But everything else about this is AMAZING. I'm sure my fall/winter tone will look really nice with this BB cream and I'm looking forward to using it for the rest of the year! Yipee! A success!

Compact thoughts:
Texture: Smooth, not grainy or clumpy or anything. It's a nice thin powder.

Scent: There really isn't a scent to this. Maybe because all I can smell on my face right now is the BB cream (mm so good lol). So it's not exactly a bad thing that this has no scent! I actually prefer that the powder doesn't have a scent haha. But my mom said it smells like baking powder? It really doesn't smell like anything to me ahha.

Translucency: When I put it on it didn't wash me out or lighten me at all! Surprisingly. It just blends right in with the rest of my makeup.

Longevity (Did it last throughout the day?): Patting this liberally on my t-zone (focusing on my nose because it's the oiliest) this lasted me about the same as my TCFS compact which made me REALLY disappointed:

Closeup of my face after a long day out and about in Seattle: it was a hot day with a lot of stairs and sweat so it was a good day to test this stuff out! This is in unnatural (bathroom) lighting.

Nose is shiny (I didn't re-apply throughout the  day b/c reviews said you wouldn't have to. But I think  I need to sadly haha) And the area between my eyebrows got a little cakey.

Overall: The only other thing I don't like about this compact compared to my TCFS one is that this one doesn't come with a cover inside the compact to keep the puff from touching the powder all day like my other one:

The TCFS compact comes with that plastic cover set on a hinge so the cotton pad isn't sitting on the powder all day, whereas the Innisfree compact has a temporary plastic cover only.

I do however like that this compact is...compact! It's much smaller than my Too Cool For School one so I am more comfortable taking it around everywhere! And since it actually is translucent I can put it over any makeup without fear of looking oily ^__^ I don't think I'll repurchase the compact version though. Maybe next time I'll try the loose powder (even though it's not so easily portable I've had more success in the past with those!)

Thanks for reading as usual! Hope you are all having a great week!

xoxo Abby

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