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~Skincare Review: Bye Bye Blemishes~

Hi everyone!! For today's review I have a drugstore-ish skincare product to try! I was browsing Amazon (as per usual LOL) the other day and I happened upon these popular blemish products that consist of a pink sediment with a clear liquid above it in a bottle. Reading through the reviews people were raving about how fast acting it was! And they were saying things like "Remember, don't shake this bottle!" And that was interesting to me hahaha. The application was also something different, you have to take a clean Q-tip to put this stuff on! Never heard of this kind of blemish treatment? How about I just show you then! Hahaha~

I read about a few popular acne remedies with this liquid/sediment format, there was one called EradiKate and it was around $24 a bottle and the reviews for it seemed really good! Then I saw this one called Bye Bye Blemish on Amazon that was EradiKate's cheaper counterpart, so I decided to go ahead and try it! Then a couple days later I went to Fred Meyers with my mom and saw that they actually had it there for pretty much the same price and no waiting!! YESSS.

The one I bought came in this box:

Sorry for the bad lighting I took this in my room at around 10 PM haha

We'll see about that lol

When I first spotted this at Fred Meyers I wasn't sure if this was the one. Turned it to the side and saw a picture of it! Yup! This is the one I saw on Amazon.

See the sediment and the clear liquid on top?

It specifically says it's a drying lotion on the bottle, so know what you're buying! Some acne creams just treat the acne without drying it, but this one certainly dries.

DON'T SHAKE! Haha I read all the reviews that said don't shake this!

My current skin condition:

My skin has actually been SUPER bad lately. At first all my acne was only on the right side of my face (and even my SHOULDERS?!) And now it's moved to the left side mostly T___T And this is actually an improvement as it is right now HAH! Last week was just...the worst. So I decided that now's a good time as ever to try this interesting product!

First make sure your face is clean and dry, then take a clean Q-tip and dip it into the bottle, getting a bit of the pink stuff as well as the clear stuff:

Dab it on the acne and get a new Q-tip and repeat on all the other blemishes as necessary!

The bottle recommended that you use this at night as an overnight remedy, so that's what I tried ^.^

The next morning I didn't notice a ton of difference on my face, some of the smaller acne were gone but everything else was the same. Sorry I forgot to take a picture!! I was running late to school hahaha >.< What's new?

Impressions so far (Week 1):

So I've actually been using this for a week or so now. And I must say, I'm kind of on the fence about it? It works pretty well for the smaller acne, which is great because it stops it from becoming the big problematic acne and whatnot, but I was kind of hoping for immediate results on the bigger ones. I also noticed that since I've been using it frequently, my face is starting to smell a little...sulphur-y? I'm probably going to stop using it for awhile haha. It's incredibly drying so I HIGHLY suggest you have a few things on hand while using this product.

1.) The most important thing you're going to want to need is a good face moisturizer. I didn't think I would need to use face moisturizers often because I get soooo oily and sometimes using lotion or creams on my face just makes it oilier. But these days I've also been trying a new primer that prevents oil so it's also kind of dry, in addition to my The Face Shop Magic BB Cream which tends to be quite drying as well. All of these dry things combined really makes my makeup look cake-y and flakey so I have to use a mist toner over it and lotion before I prime! It's only one extra thing to put on your face under your makeup and I assure you it will make all the difference~ I use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. A couple of dabs on my dry areas, let it sink in, and then I'm good to go for the rest of my makeup routine!

2.) It's also probably a good idea to have some sort of exfoliating face wash or brush to get rid of the dry dead skin cells and dried up acne bits (ew sorry haha) once you use this acne remedy for a while. If you don't exfoliate these bits off, like I said, your makeup might start to look a bit flaky like mine did. But after exfoliating your face will be smooth and fresh like new! I recommend using a denser exfoliating product like a salt scrub or Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliating wash once a week when you start to get dry pieces of skin, but not so dry that you'll irritate your skin from exfoliating! If you are severely dry, hold off on exfoliating and use oil face washes to gently rub away the skin and moisturize at the same time.

3.) The last thing(s) you're probably going to want to need some good moisturizing face masks and maybe some of those steam tablets from Lush to help your skin back into shape! It also helps if the masks and things have a nice scent to get rid of the sulphur-y scent?! (As long as those perfumes don't irritate your skin of course!) I don't know if other people who used this had this issue, but it just feels like I still have the scent of the sulphur on my face even after I washed it off. Like it soaked into my pores or something. If I use one of my masks right after it initially goes away, until later in the day when I think I still sense it?! Is that weird?! Hahaha

My last tip is that you should listen to your skin, as always, and know that everyone's skin is different so this may work very well for you, or worse than it worked for me, or you could also be on the fence! Just remember, right when you start to get negative results stop using it! You don't want sad irritated skin! Also, try not to use this everyday like I have been doing. If you've been following my blog you guys know how I talk about how oily my skin gets, but now it's SUPER dry even in my t-zone. You would think I'd see that as a good thing, but alas, I'd rather have an oily t-zone to be honest hahaha.

Upsides: Does what it says- dries! Mostly works on small acne though :/
Downsides: Super drying, really strong sulphur smell, doesn't really work on the larger problematic acne.

Let me know what acne remedies you guys have! Maybe I'll end up abandoning this if my skin gets too dry within the next week >.<

Thanks for reading as always sugar peas!!! Sorry for the inconsistent posting again! MIDTERMS.

xoxo Abby

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