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~Skincare Review: Pure Smile Muddy Girl Mud and Clay Masks (Long Post)~

Hello hello lovely people!! It's time for another skincare review! Yippie! This one took me about four weeks to finish. Crazy right? Hahaha~

About a month ago I found these Muddy Girl mud masks in the cosmetics area of Uwaji and (mostly because of my new found love for non sheet masks lately!) I really wanted to try them out~ It comes in a sample pack of four different mud or clay masks! Which is really nice so you can see which one you like best and then buy a full tub or tube and whatnot!

I've tried Pure Smile (Japanese brand) sheet masks in the past, and I would rank them as maybe my second or third favorite sheet mask to use after My Beauty Diary ^.^ Another reason why I didn't hesitate when I saw they also have mud/clay masks as well!

Since there were four different masks in this set and I mask once a week (every Wednesday) it took me four weeks to finish reviewing this product lol. That's the longest it's ever taken for me to finish something so small!

AHH I'M SORRY, I accidentally deleted the picture that showed the rest of the ingredients T__T 

I can't read Japanese (yet) so I just randomly chose one on Wednesday and had a surprise! Lol 
It turns out that blue=charcoal, green=pearl, pink=mud, yellow=red clay.
I've really been into clay masks instead of sheet masks lately. They just feel SOOO good when you put them in the fridge and put it on right after a warm shower that opens your pores ^.^

The first one I decided to try was the blue (charcoal) one, cuz why not? Lol You put this on like any other clay mask. I like putting them on right after steaming my face/showering for best results. The pack suggested 10-15 mins but I forget and always leave it on longer lol.

Doesn't look like there's a whole lot in there, right?
Texture and look is a lot like my Dr. Douxi mask I did a review of before *__*
Right after shower, before mask.

That one dab on my face.

I used the whole thing on my face. It's tingly when you first put it on. And that always gives me the impression that its working lol.

After rinsing my face after leaving it on for about 45 mins lol~
It's hard to tell whether it really "did" anything for my skin right away. I usually wait the next morning and record my results, like a true scientist right? LOLOL This one was very much like my Dr. Douxi glacier clay mask. It even smelled the same! It didn't irritate my skin and I felt fresh (as usual with clay masks) after rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Sometimes I feel the need to use a toner after I mask, but with this one I didn't. The next morning my skin felt smooth and not super oily (just a bit on my t-zone but still a little less than normal). The pack doesn't describe (from what I could see) the benefits of each of the different masks. But I suppose you could look at the ingredients to see what is in there that might help you!

Consistency: It's an absolutely smooth mask. It glides on super easily and feels even nicer coming right out of the fridge.
Scent: Light and doesn't seem to bother me, you get used to the scent after a few minutes and it fades away.
Effectiveness: Like I mentioned above, there is really no immediate difference and the moisturizing properties are average.
Irritation?: No irritation! Yay! Just a bit tingly when you first put it on, but there was no itchy feeling.
Overall: There was just enough product in there for one use on my face which I was a bit surprised about since a lot of the times I can get at least two or three uses from jelly packs that are about the same size!

The next Wednesday I used the pearl mask (green):

Ever so slightly green/yellow

It was kind of hard to document the results over a span of four weeks because I'm so used to blogging about one thing I tried, so I often forgot to record my initial thoughts lol. But I do remember this mask! I don't know if I was having a good skin week or if this mask actually just did me wonders haha. That's the thing about testing something overtime I guess >__<

Before masking~

One swipe

The rest on my face...

All covered!

I look scary/angry in this pic lol. This was when it was all dry after about 30 mins~

And after I washed it off!
Consistency: I'm just going to say that all the masks have the same texture. Absolutely smooth with no lumps or grains. It's a very fine clay/mud combo and it's almost like putting on a very rich lotion!
Scent: They actually all almost smell the same ahha. The differences are very subtle, but you always get used to the scent after a few minutes. It leaves a light scent to your skin in the end but nothing really strong or bad I'd say.
Effectiveness: This one seemed to do something out of all the other ones. But that isn't saying much since the masks did so little lol.
Irritation?: Like the previous one this one gave me no irritation!
Overall: My favorite mask of the four! (blue is my 2nd fave) My skin felt SUPER smooth in the morning. It might be because of the mask. Or it might be because I was having an awesome skin week (I'm back to bad skin right now lol T___T)

OK now I'm just gonna blaze through the other two:
Pink: Mud

Looks like pudding!

Ehh kind of looks weird here I guess O.O

Overall: Mud was my least favorite. This was the only one that actually did irritate my skin. Not badly, but none of the other masks left me with pinkish skin after a few hours. Maybe this was a bad skin day? lol

Last one! Yellow: Red Clay!

I was expecting this to be red...silly me I guess!

They all have the same silky texture.
Just a dab

For some reason I felt like this mask had less product in the pack? It just felt like I had thinner coverage. Hm.

It's dry!!! My forehead! LOL

Meh didn't really do anything special.

Final verdict 6/10: Since these were sample packs I can't really say any of these masks changed my skin miraculously, even in the four weeks I continuously used them. I think this might be good as an every other day mask rather than a once a week mask like I did. You might see actual results if you use this mask more frequently. Based on how my skin reacted to each of the masks I would say the charcoal and pearl masks are the only ones I might actually consider repurchasing if they had small packs of just those separately. Actually I might just look for the pearl one since I already have a clay mask like the charcoal one. It's kind of weird how all the masks gave me pretty much the same results. It's not really a good or bad point since that means there wasn't a particularly bad mask, it's just a little disappointing. I don't think I would re-buy this sample pack now that I know how they all feel.

Next time I want to try the carbonated mud mask or maybe a Lush mask! I just want something with texture or something that promises immediate results, just to see if those actually work! Especially since I try to only mask once a week, I think a mask with more immediate results would work a lot better for me ^.^

What is your favorite non-sheet mask to use? I'd love to try it!

xoxo Abby

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