Saturday, September 5, 2015

~Skincare Review: Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil~

The picture didn't flip!!! T____T Sorry everyone I suck.

Hi everyone! It's September already?!! AHHHHH WHERE DID SUMMER BREAK GO?! I must say, even though I'm starting to get a little sad about break ending I feel like I accomplished a lot this summer. I know I didn't get to do every single thing on my summer goals list, but I still feel proud of what I did manage to accomplish! One of the things I wanted to do a bit more of this summer was blogging! And with that messy transition, let's get to today's review ^>^ lol~

***Hint: TL;DR at the bottom of the post!! <3***

A week or so ago my family felt like eating out and we were craving Korean food, so we decided to hit up H-mart! After a yummy meal in the food court we went inside the actual grocery area and as per usual my sister and I went straight to the snack area. After a bit of wandering we passed through the soap aisle and I found something I had been searching for for a while now!

On a side note, how many of you have been to H-mart? It's a nice Asian grocery market and food court in the Lynnwood area *__* I'm glad it's so close hahaha~ Unfortunately they're moving to a different location so we might not be able to go there as often now 3: Sadness hahaha.

Anyways I wanted to try this cleansing oil out on a whim because it was a decent price and it said "Deep Cleansing" which is what I prefer in my cleansing products. The first time I heard about cleansing oils was from watching a Bubz Beauty video from a long time ago lol. She said she would leave the oil in for a while and massage it in and it was really good for your skin. And I always bought oil free acne cleansers before hearing about this method of moisturizing oily skin, so I thought the idea of cleansing your face with oil was weird. After doing a tiny bit of digging I found out that cleansing oils are a really nice and natural way to remove dirt and makeup without drying out and irritating skin!!

Also look!! I finally found the Tumblr post that inspired me to change my skincare routine!! I'll rave about it more in a separate post but basically it taught me about steaming your face and using cleansing oils! This post and Bubz Beauty really got me into skincare in the first place :3

Screenshot from my favorite skincare post on Tumblr <3 lol I'm weird I know.

Since I bought this oil cleanser on a whim I knew I was also possibly buying a terrible product that could ruin my skin! For example, I just tried out the Sally Hansen facial hair removing strips that come with the pre-waxed strips that you warm up with your hands and just put on and rip off....Yeah that was a terrible experience. I've had trouble with facial hair removers in the past. I used to use the cream Sally Hansen facial hair remover until I discovered it was making my skin red and irritated! So  I don't know why I went along with trying out the strips. It hurt like hell lemme just say that. I'm not used to waxing at all and my skin is sensitive. But I digress. I just wanted to get my skin back to normal after that fiasco! And yet I bought this random oil cleanser at the local market! What?! Yep I'm crazy.

When we got in the car I did a quick search for reviews on the product and they all looked good! YAYY! I was excited and looked up more reviews when we got home before trying it that night :D

Here is what my face looked like before using the cleanser.

Bathroom shot! Right before getting in the shower hahaha~

My current makeup routine is a bit different than the one I posted about in my Get Ready with Me post a while back when school was still going on. Right now it's a bit simpler since it is (erm, was) summer and I preferred lighter makeup.  It's pretty much primer (Smashbox), BB cream+sunblock (at least 30 SPF), setting powder (Skinfood), setting mist (Shiseido), a bit of eyeshadow (Too Faced Chocolate Bar), and sometimes mascara (Clinique) when I'm feeling fancy lol. My summer makeup routine was quite simple :D

I'm pretty sure I didn't use a full pump the first time.
The oil is clear and smells slightly citrusy like oranges!! It's definitely not overpowering at all though. I have a sensitive nose and get nauseous really easily, especially by citrusy scents and car fresheners for some reason?! With that in mind, this scent doesn't bother me at all ^.^ The consistency is quite nice. If you've ever gotten olive oil on your hands while cooking before, it's reminiscent of that but thinner and lighter. It's almost akin to an oily water feeling I'd say?

I started with clean dry hands and a makeup filled face. I didn't put water on my face before putting on the cleansing oil. The directions just say to massage the oil onto your face and then rinse off. So that's what I did! I just pumped the oil in my hands, rubbed them in my hands a bit to warm it up and make it easier to spread on my face without dripping everywhere, and then applied it to my face in massaging circle motions.

Right after massaging the oil into my face >.< 

After letting it sink into my pores and skin for about five minutes.
The feeling of it on your skin is interesting. As an oily skinned person it initially felt weird to me to put MORE oil onto my face. But after awhile it just feels natural. The oil isn't heavy on the skin at all. I can see the makeup being removed from my face as I rub it in, but it doesn't feel like anything special like stuff is being lifted out of my pores when I first put it on.

The magic really happens when you start to rinse the oil off. OMG the first time I rinsed it off in the shower was amazing. Now that we are getting into the cool summer months I take warm showers. The steam really does wonders with the cleansing oil and my pores really felt like they were breathing :o I never thought washing my face with oil would feel so refreshing lol.

I don't think this picture portrays how red my face was after using those strips. Although this was a couple days later it still felt burn-y. 

I felt like one pump was just right for removing the level of makeup I had on. For my personal preference at least. If you're wearing several layers of makeup maybe you should consider using another cleansing product if you don't feel like everything was removed with this the first time. Or perhaps just use another round of this cleansing oil! It's really quite a relaxing experience. Some people even use toner after using cleansing oil if they still feel oily. But I didn't feel oily residue after rinsing my face in the shower :'-D So I skipped toner right after the shower and only used toner right before bed instead.

As far as I know, cleansing oil seems like a  good choice for people of all skin types because it hydrates the skin! Even people with oily skin could benefit from moisture it seems ^.^

I wanted to try it out for a month and tell you about the results, but I just couldn't wait to rave about it lol. And I think after using it almost everyday for about two weeks is enough to do a review on it, right?

My bare face in the morning after using the oil for the past 2 weeks or so~ Acne and redness is clearing (trust me, it was MUCH worse before).

For my oily, acne prone, sensitive skin, this cleansing oil has been working really well for my nightly routine! I wear what I would consider "light makeup" on a daily basis pretty much. And once school starts back up and I wear more foundations and eyeliners and creams for the winter months I can see this oil coming in handy!

Scent 10/10: Nice and light! Doesn't seem to bother my nose, eyes, or skin ^.^

Consistency 10/10: I don't feel oily after rinsing this off at all! It's smooth to put on and smooth to take off~

Works 10/10: Since using this oil cleanser my face has felt SOO much better and I can see the acne from the Sally Hansen incident subsiding. Even though the rest of my face is being moisturized I can see the acne drying up and disappearing. No irritation has happened on my skin so far! Which is saying a lot for people with sensitive skin.

Ease of use 10/10: The packaging is really simple and so is the concept! No fancy brushes or fancy method to use this cleansing oil.

Would re-buy 10/10: This is my #1 favorite new nightly cleanser and makeup removing product!! I know it will be a while before I run out of this stuff since there's so much of it and a little goes a long way, but when I do run out I will definitely repurchase! Unless I find anything better (which I don't think I will for a while since I'm so hung up on this one lol).

Thanks for reading through friends!! If you have any questions please don't be afraid to comment down below :D I love hearing from you all ^>^

xoxo Abby


  1. What?! HMART is closing soon in our area? I've never heard of using oil to clean your face so I'm excited to go pick this up and try it myself! :)

    1. Yeah!! It's moving to 99 or something? I think they're expanding Alderwood to that area T___T Thanks for always keeping up with my blog Kimmy!!!! :'-D

  2. Thank you soo much! I really appreciate your time and pictures in this review. I bought this on Amazon after seeing a YouTube video recommendation. An, I wasnt aware that it actually helps clear up acne which I have. An now my skin is doing weirder things since trying different makeups an products(the mens Nevia post shave balm), didnt work as a primer for makeup with my skin. Make me super dry flaked out and sore an red. Never been dry faced an red before. I'm a combination to oily skin type. So thanks so much bcuz I dont read Japanese. Lol