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~Beauty Review: Holika Holika Angel's Ring Bubble Hair Color in Pinky Brown~

Hi everyone! Today I'll be doing a review on a product I personally did not try, but rather I used on my sister! I don't really feel like dying my hair right now and my sister wanted to try this color out so she asked me if I could help her out ^.^

In the past I have used Palty in Raspberry Macaroon (2 boxes because my hair is long and thick) and some sort of Bubble hair dye I can't remember. And I dyed my mom's hair with bubble dye before so I knew how to do my sister. She wanted to use the Angel's Ring Bubble Hair Color in Pinky Brown.

Of course we broke the first rule of hair dye tutorials and neglected to take a before shot of the hair. AKA one of the most important components of a hair comparison shot. Her hair started at a dark brown basically. One box was enough for her mid-length hair (and then some!)

***HINT: Go through the pictures and skip to the bottom for a TL;DR!***

Included in the kit: Instructions with pictures (English on back of the box), pump with cream (white), hair color (black bottle), gloves, poncho, hair treatment (for shower). 

On box: Very simple application.

In the past I've always had trouble with these hair color comparison charts, they never seem to work for me! Maybe because I have thick hair?

Sorry I didn't turn this picture, it's the instructions.

You really can't mess up with bubble hair dye!
Following the instructions we assembled the dye:

Put black bottle into white bottle, close, shake! Some say don't shake, just tilt, this one said shake.

Before shaking, you can see it's a sort of light coffee color.

PUMP! WOO so foamy!

Nice and bubbly.
Hair dying rule #2 we broke, instead of going from the bottom to top, we went from top to bottom so the top layer of hair was lighter than the bottom layers. Also I went from front to back hahaha. Maybe I'm not so good at this?

Fluffy and bubbly!
Then we waited about an hour even though the box said 40 minutes lol. We broke a lot of rules. Oh yeah and we didn't even do a patch test or anything >.< With bubble dyes I've found that it's not necessary to put Vaseline around the hairline and ears because the bubbles don't stain skin. But you should still take precautions on your counter and floor, especially if it's white and you drip dye on there and leave it on for a long time. I have also found that with bubble dye you get less of an effect than using cream dye. For example if you buy the same color, let's say going lighter from black to ash brown, the cream will make your hair lighter and closer to the box color than bubble dye. Bubble just isn't as effective for coloring/lightening thick hair. Even if it's an Asian dye meant for darker hair! So if you want a subtle effect on thick hair I suggest trying bubble dye first!

After about 60 minutes we rinsed out the bubbles and she took a shower using only the hair treatment and no shampoo. Once dried her hair looked like this in the bathroom lighting:

OK so it's not actually THIS red in person. Only in this lighting, which I'm seeing now was a very bad decision for lighting for the first pictures. But it was night time so oh well!

Yeah definitely not this red.
So we took some pictures in more natural light:

The quality of my phone camera isn't all that great but at least this is more accurate! Her hair ended up being more of a medium brown color after originally being dark brown so the dye did actually work! 

If you can see underneath there is darker black hair and that's pretty much how her hair started before being dyed. 


Scent 9/10: It didn't have that overpowering ammonia scent that some lightening hair dye products tend to have which was a huge plus! I think it was only light. And I really can't even remember it having a scent at all!
Use 10/10: The instructions are simple to follow and making it is really easy and fast! Actually applying the bubbles is like putting on fluffy shampoo layer by layer and you massage it in lightly as you go, not "popping" the bubbles. Bubble dye is the best especially for at home beginners!
Effectiveness 7/10: It's only like the box in certain light, and even then there's more reddish brown than pinky brown. But since it's bubble I'm not all that surprised. 
Overall 8/10: If you are looking for a subtle reddish brown color and have thick hair, this will work great! Even easy for beginners who don't usually dye their hair at home. I don't know how this would work on people with fine hair since everyone in my family pretty much has thick hair lol. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please comment down below! <3

xoxo Abby

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