Monday, August 3, 2015

~A Mini Review AND A Mini "DIY"~

Hey hey hey it's FRIDAYYYYY YOU GUYS!!! Woo! I'm just starting to settle down now from a fun  filled week alternating between hanging out with friends and (reunited and it feeeeels soooo GOOOOD!) among other things I'm about to talk about!

So I guess I'll go in the order of the list I put in the title of this post and start with the mini review! I'm shoving these two posts together because I don't think it's necessary to have two separate blog posts for each one lol.

Today's mini review will be on these AWESOME masks I discovered at Uwajimaya last weekend:

They are masks that look like MASKS!! Could I be any more vague? Hahaha you'll see...

Kind of weird but really interesting and cool compared to plain masks!

See? They look like those cool opera masks and stuff! There were tonssss of different designs but I chose this one because I thought the pink and purple flowers looked nice. The effects each of the masks offered were pretty similar anyways so I just went for design this time! Hahaha~ Some stores even sell ones that look like animals! I want to try those out sometime too!

The thing about single masks is, I don't usually buy them for the sake of it having an immediate effect on my skin. Mostly I get them to either try out a particular scent or try a brand I haven't tried yet. In this case I have tried Pure Smile before and it's currently my second favorite brand after My Beauty Diary and I just wanted to try it for the cool look of the mask haha ^>^

Here is what the mask looks like when first taken out of the bag:

Lots of essence :3

Another reason I like M.B.D. masks is they come with that plastic cover for ease of unfolding the mask. With this one I had trouble unfolding it and was scared it might rip! But luckily it didn't *phew* If you get these kinds of masks proceed with caution!!

Overall the look was cool and I want to try more masks like this but not necessarily for their effects. The scent of this one was strongly reminiscent of flowery notes like soapy perfume, ya get me? I didn't like the scent all that much. Lots of essence too, one very nice thing I noticed from Pure Smile, I like the consistency and amount of essence given! And of course my face was pretty much the same afterwards (left it on for a little over half an hour? Ooops I lost track of time! hahaha).

After the mask! Sorry I didn't take a before shot T__T hahaha

As for the mini DIY...I don't actually have a tutorial for anything this week ahha T__T BUT! I am currently working on making this dress:

Ft. my messy closet hahaha

I didn't draft up a pattern for this or anything. This is one of those projects that I don't pre-plan and I just go at them in a kind of angry and frustrated manner hahaha~ But I don't think it turned out so bad. I just need to finish the bottom ( I ran out of fabric and it ended up a bit too short for my taste lol) and add a few darts in places then it should be good :3 I'm excited to just wear it out regularly and over tee shirts and stuff. I wish more stores sold stuff like this~ Maybe when I get a hang of this pattern I'll do a tutorial for it? :D

I actually had a few posts queued up and they were supposed to post throughout the week but for some reason they didn't post! SO I guess I'll just wait to post them a bit longer so I don't have post after post popping up on here haha.

Thanks for reading through this mini post! Hee hee ^0^

xoxo Abby

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