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~Thingy Review: Kuro Digi Mini Digital Camera~

Size comparison: the camera to a gift card! >o<

Yay for a cute new review segment! I think I've only reviewed beauty products and online stores so far, but this time I want to specifically do a review on one item: this Kuro Digi Mini Digital Camera! It's meant to be a small toy keychain camera with digital camera capabilities ^>^ You guys know how much I love small cute things hahaha~ And cameras are my FAVE so maybe in the future if people found this review helpful I'll review my other toy cameras as well? ^.^

I haven't seen too many reviews on this toy camera although the brand it comes from is quite popular. It's by the brand Superheadz and there are three different designs to choose from! I like the black because I think it would be cute to decorate lol~ I bought mine on Amazon here.

Right off the bat I can say that the whole buying and shipping process with this Amazon store was very fast and easy. That's mainly why I'm not doing a store review but rather a review of the camera itself ^.^ I ordered on July 27th and it came Aug 1st and the only issue I had with this order happened with the post office so I won't talk about that this time hahaha~

The camera came in the original packaging of course and was packed nicely in a sturdy box, nothing fancy, it just had some brown paper around it so it wouldn't jiggle around inside the box. And the receipt was outside the box in plastic. I bought mine for $14.95 plus $4.65 for shipping (total: $19.60), which I thought was reasonable considering other sites sold this same camera for around $25 with free shipping.

The box it came in :3

Since I looked at the measurements of the camera beforehand and tried to look up some comparison pictures I already knew approximately how small it would be. On the website the measurements listed are 2.36x0.79x1.5 inches and it's pretty accurate! So make sure you keep that in mind when you order so you're not surprised at how tiny and cute this camera is when you receive it! I love the adorable size but it might be too small for some people's tastes, just a warning ^.^

Right out of the delivery box ^___^  I must admit, I love receiving packages in the mail heehee~
I have another mini toy camera I might do a review on in the future. It's a Fuuvi chocolate camera and I love it to bits but it's so thin and fragile I'd hate to take it places if it got lost or broken D: This camera is a bit chunkier and heavier so it feels sturdier to me overall, which I like :D It's mostly sturdier because it requires 1 AAA battery (included) and an SD card if you plan on taking lots of pics (not included! haha). So make sure you have some extra triple A's on hand as well as an SD card with a max of 2GB on it~

The back of the packaging (which is SUPER cute by the way~) Of course it comes in that frustrating type of packing though that's tough to open ahhaa

Video of camera going from "open" to "closed":

Superheadz is a Japanese brand I believe? That's why a lot of the stuff that came with the camera (paper wise) were in Japanese. But fear not! This camera comes with a small disc with all the English instructions and such so make sure you have access to a computer that can accept discs! I know my Air can't take discs T__T Wonderful haha xD

UwU SOO CUTEEE and tiny!! This is the camera when it's off and the lens is closed! You have to pull the side of the camera to reveal the viewfinder and the lens!
Here's all the non paper stuff it comes with (disc not pictured here oops haha) One triple A battery and a cord to connect to your computer so you can upload your photos :3 Here you can also see the camera in it's "open" state.

"welcome to the magical camera world" Cute! The small disc is shown here and the papers (but not instructions are not in here they're on the disc).

The display screen where you can see how many pictures you've taken and adjust the modes! It's off in this picture because I didn't put the battery in yet!

The different modes you can choose from are low, medium, and high res shots, burst mode (three consecutive pictures), timer, and video (can't remember how many seconds lol). There are also format options so you can clear your SD on the camera or just the camera memory and you can't delete specific shots only the last one you took. The camera also makes cute little beep-y noises to tell you when the picture has been taken ^.^

There's a toggle on the side which I'm assuming adjusts the lens so it's better suited for portrait or landscape shots! Handy!
Here's a comparison shot so you can approximate the size of this lil' guy! It really is small! :D

Smaller than a gift card or really any card like a debit or credit card.

At first I was confused on where to put the battery because there weren't any paper instructions and I was too lazy to go on my old laptop that had a disc drive hahaha~ But I ended up having to put the disc in anyways because I got frustrated (hint: Do read through the instructions, they're quite helpful! hahaha) And basically you just have to push the viewfinder in while pulling the camera out of it's shell sort of casing I guess? Hahaha here:

I haven't taken many shots on this yet and so far all I have to say about this is that it's super tiny and cute and convenient but don't expect perfect quality shots out of this! Take extra pictures with a backup camera if you're worried about the quality and your memories and such. And you can use the view finder to line up your shot but don't rely on it to get your object perfectly framed because it isn't connected to the the lens so technically what you're seeing through the view finder is a little above the actual shot! If you've used an Instax instant camera before you know what I'm talking about hahaha~ Viewfinders on toy cameras can be tricky sometimes. My last bit of wisdom is to just take care of the camera, try not to bash it about because it's still quite fragile and have fun with it! You might get a few looks from people because it looks fake ^>^ so it's pretty funny too hahaha~

I'm going on a road trip with the fam to Portland this weekend so perhaps if I get enough shots I'll post them on my travel post in the future so you guys can see the quality!! 

As always thanks so much for reading through this everyone! <3 I really appreciate all the views and comments and things :D Talk to me down below if you have any questions or comments about anything please! ^____^

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

xoxo Abby

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