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~Skincare Review: Dr. Douxi Cleansing Glacier Clay Mask~

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I did a skincare review ^.^  This time I didn't pick this item for myself but my sister actually wanted me to try this item out :'D Thanks Bub!! She also bought some mask packs and gave me a few so I'll do a separate review of those too! They all look so promising :3

I have no idea where she finds all these things but apparently they're very good. The clay masks and sheet masks she got were all from a website called Imomoko~Apparently her order came earlier than expected so I guess that must mean there were no problems were her order ^.^ Great! Since I don't know much about the website I'll just stick to reviewing the items haha xD

***Hint: Scroll through the pictures and to the bottom of this post to see a TL;DR! hahaha***

Here's the packaging of the clay mask:

"Cleanse your skin and reach an effect of deep purification, which will enhance the quality of the skin."

Nothing especially cute but it looks and feels (weight wise) like there's a lot of product inside before you actually open it up. There's a small sticker on the side as the seal. I've actually never even heard of this "Dr. Douxi" brand either hahaha~ But I guess she looked up reviews on it and said it was good for my oily skin type.

Oh yeah that's another thing, this product is almost all in Taiwanese and it doesn't come with instructions on how long to leave it for or how often to use it (in English) so I just kind of winged it hahahaha. I mean, how hard can clay masks be to use?  :D

Oh wait, I just went onto the website and there are instructions on there! Take a looksie:

A screenshot I just took from the website! The instructions are basically what I did, and I mean anyone who has used some sort of mask before basically knows the drill hahaha~

Turns out, they aren't difficult to use at all! Surprise surprise lol. Upon first opening the tub there's a plastic covering.

Then when you peel that off there's the mask liquid! It really is quite liquid-y actually, I just tipped it a little bit and it flowed right away.

It looks grey and kind of like concrete, but the consistency is velvety and nice!

There was so much mask on the lid that I used that on my whole face with some left over on the lid still! So I haven't actually dipped into the mask liquid itself yet but when I do I plan on using an extra spatula I got with my Tony Moly apple cream. You guys know how I feel about double dipping and things lol. I put the whole tub in the fridge before I took a shower so it would be slightly cold when I put it on~ (So refreshing! heehee<3) It was only in there for about 30 minutes because I tend to dilly-dally before showering, but it didn't solidify or get chunky or anything, just nice and cold :3

Before applying the mask I steamed my face (even though I took a shower right before doing this I took a cold shower because it was a hot day haha [which reminds me, I haven't been steaming very much lately because of how hot it's been but I really should start doing it again lol]) and then applied some Skin Food cucumber toner (should I do a review on this in the future?) with a cotton pad.

Derp face in the bathroom before I put the mask on hahaha~

Once again in bathroom lighting.

Aaaand just glomp it on your face! Actually, avoid glomping too much onto your face. You really won't need a thick layer for it to be effective!

BAM! Right after covering my whole face with the stuff >:D hahaha

Then I waited awhile, looked up some places to go in Portland, watched most of a Korean variety show, ate some yogurt with granola, overall I almost lost track of time lol. But I left it on for a total of about 35-45 minutes. It's easy to forget you have a mask on your face sometimes, but this mask gets hard and my face was stiff after awhile so I thought it was time to wash it off ^.^

Yummm Greek Honey yogurt :3 we got a big tub from Costco!

Washed half of my face and had a Mulan "Reflection" moment. Classic. Also notable, the mask goes from a dark grayish color to a light bluish color! Like a glacier color I guess? hahaha~COOL!

After washing the whole mask off and drying my face :D I tried to get the same lighting as the first "before" picture but then I realized that the bathrooms have the strong light coming from different sides so it would be different either way haha.

My skin felt very clean and refreshed afterwards. That's another reason I prefer wash off masks like the clay ones to sheet masks because sometimes after I wear a sheet mask I feel a little sticky. This is the first legit clay masks I've tried actually. In the past I've used those dual leave on masks/exfoliating face washes. But I still have yet to try a mud mask or other clay masks.

When I'm not using the mask I keep it on top of my closet (a cool dry place) where it won't be disturbed and can be accessed easily. The only time I keep it in the fridge is about half an hour before using it ^___^

Scent: Light and very bearable, reminiscent of lavender baby bubble bath~ 10/10

Application: You have to dip so 7/10 since it doesn't come with a spatula or anything. But consistency wise it's a nice and easy application that feels good on the skin.

Results: So far it's made some of my redness go down upon first application, although these days my redness seems to be getting better and better in general :D No new pimples came up when I used it, another good sign. And my skin didn't come out oily or dry after use, meaning it fits in really well with my normal skin routine in keeping my skin at a good ratio of moist and dry ^o^ If that makes sense hahaha 9/10 (because I've only used it once).

Overall I would use this mask again, I'm planning on using it once a week actually to see if it has any really good effects over time. I'll update this or create another post if my feeling change dramatically about this mask, but so far I really like it! Maybe at the five week mark? Sound good? Lol~ On the website it says this mask will help with pores and oil which is perfect for my skin type! Anti aging doesn't mean much to me right now but maybe in the future? Lol

Hope you enjoyed this review! I haven't seen that many reviews on this product so hopefully it was helpful as well :D If you have any questions or comments please write me down below! I'd love to hear from you <3

Tune in next time for the other (sheet) mask review too! :D

xoxo Abby

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