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~Meme Box Review: My Lovely Boutique~

My first Meme Box: My Lovely Boutique
I can't believe I'm starting my blog out with a beauty review. Here's the thing. I haven't necessarily been all that fond of make up over the years. I have always thought I don't need make up and I like my natural features and I have to embrace my various acne scars, subtle freckles, and rosiness around my cheeks. But recently I discovered the beauties of beauty, in other words, the cute packaging of the make up. Seriously, I now have a board on Pinterest dedicated to make up and beauty products. It started out with this sparkly eyeliner I got with my cousin by Urban Decay at Sephora a long time ago, maybe two or three years even. And it still works really well for a sparkle liner! Then I dabbled in various lip products (the majority of my make up collection currently) and found out about the wonders of lip tints>lip gloss IMO and Korean/Japanese make up brands! And my newly created make up obsession just spiraled (and is still spiraling) out of control from there mwahaha.

Anyways, this is the culmination of my ultimate "giving-in" to my make up wishes~ I discovered Meme Box a couple months ago and I was like "THIS IS PERFECT" I love subscription boxes (getting packages in the mail is fun :3) and Asian beauty products often have the cutest packaging! And although Meme Box isn't exactly a subscription box since you purchase boxes individually whenever they come out, the idea is pretty much the same as a subscription box. It's a surprise every time a new one comes out! Unless you're like me and look up reviews of each box hahaha~

So! Without further ado, my review for Meme Box Superbox #61: My Lovely Boutique

The idea around this box was apparently supposed to be things one might find in a boutique, those chic little clothing and jewelry stores full of lovely little trinkets and treasures.

And the first thing I pulled outta the box was this lil ditty. A Shara Shara Oil Balm that can be used for any dry part of the body. It's like those solid lotions that are sold at a lot of fancy or handmade beauty product places. This one is in Acerola scent and has a nice light fruity/floral scent to it.

I'm not sure if you guys can see this but in this picture I rubbed the balm on my finger a little bit. The actual balm itself looks a peachy color in the tin can and is super solid.

The shiny bit on my hand is where I swatched some of the balm. I gently rubbed it onto my skin and it didn't take long for most of it to absorb. It has a pretty light texture and didn't feel oily at all, despite how shiny it looks in the picture. Last night I used some on my elbows, which tend to be the driest part of my body, and in the morning they felt normal. Not dry or super soft, just averagely soft.

I give this balm a 3/5 because the results aren't amazing but the tin can is compact and will be nice to carry around in my backpack for the cold winter season. I also like how the balm is sheer and the scent is light because I don't really like really perfume-y lotions and balms. But I docked another point because of the fact it's a balm that you have to dip into every time you want some, and I like things that come out of tubes for sanitary reasons. I'm also not sure how this one ties into the boutique theme. Nevertheless, this balm will be put to good use this winter :3

Next up is this Shara Shara peachy lip balm necklace. This one scores major lovely points and makes sense for the Lovely Boutique box! This one is called Only You.

I was surprised to see a little mirror in this one! I love lockets but I haven't had one in a really long time. So I was glad this product came with the box. The balm looks average and there really isn't any tint to it on my lips (forgot to take a picture of it on my lips, sorry!!) It has a little magnetic closure on it to keep the balm safe. It also has a faint peachy scent.

This is the only picture I shot where you can kind guestimate the length of the chain. On me it goes down to almost past my chest area, but it rests nicely like one of those longer pendant necklaces. The necklace itself is super cute and I could see myself wearing this with many different outfits. But the balm was again kind of a bummer. Regardless, I'm super happy with this product!

The card that comes with every box describing each product and how to use it says this necklace usually retails for around $36. A sloppy google check says it sells on Amazon for $49.36!! So since I got this box (as an extended Christmas present hehe) for around $30, this is a steal

I'll give this one a 4/5 because it's super cute but the balm is average and again I have to touch it every time I want some.

Bonus!! I just found out they sell refills for the balm in the necklace for $13.70+free shipping on Amazon! Yay! Not that I'll be needing a refill anytime soon, I think I'll stick to my other lip products for now. ^__^

This next cutie is by Etude House! It's a scented hand cream and it comes in four different scents. I got the Pink Wish which has a prominent sweet flowery scent (not my favorite). Meme Box randomly picks from the four scents for you. The other three are Ice Frozen, Sweet Cookie, and Forever Rose. I realllyyyy wanted Sweet Cookie because I really like dessert scents! But oh well! They're all super cute! I quickly googled the other scents and you can buy them individually off the Etude House website for $6. I've never ordered off there so I can't vouch for their shipping or anything. But I might consider buying the cookie one! I also saw an image of all four of the My Castle Hand Creams in a cute little purple box! So irresistible haha.

Pink Wish is (as you wished!) a pink lotion! When you put it on it soaks up right into your skin and leaves a lingering flower scent. I guess it smells how pink wishes supposedly smell? I liked how it didn't leave a sticky feeling on my hand like some other lotions do. The only thing I don't really like is the scent. Just because I'm not very fond of these kind of scents in the first place. But if you like flowery perfume scents this is for you!

Overall I give this hand creme 4/5 because it's a nice lightweight lotion that soaks into dry skin nicely, I'm just not a fan of this particular scent. It's not exactly a light scent >__< And I guess since it looks kinda like a little shop this one goes with the boutique theme as well~

Oh look more Shara Shara! I have nothing against this brand, I've never heard of it until ordering this box actually. But since the last two products were balms I'm glad this one is something different! I've heard of BB creams here in the states, as well as the gab about Asian BB and CC creams being more "legit" than their European and Western brand products because they are more prominent in Asia or something. So I guess that makes me a little happier knowing I'm supposedly getting the "better" or "realer" BB cream from a Korean brand then? Hahaha. Since this is my first time using or even encountering a BB cream (I've never tried it from my mom's make up kit [the only make up I used prior to this newly fostered fondness for make up :)]) I don't have anything to compare the quality of this one to. But I just based off the title of the cream "Natural Shining" and the wiki description of BB creams as a blemish balm.

Even though I don't have blemishes on my hand, that was the first place I decided to do a swatch. I'm so smart right? Hahaha! I'm new at this, ok? And I guess I put wayyy too much for a sample swatch because when I tried to blend it into my hand...

Not sure if you can tell in this picture but it's quite sparkly! I. LOVE. THAT. I don't know if BB creams are supposed to be sparkly but I like that this one is. I can't resist sparkly things! In the picture before this one you can see that the BB cream is tinted a light tan-ish color. I'm pretty tan even though I lighten a bit in the fall and winter months, but this cream was still a few shades lighter than my actual skin tone. I tried some on my nose (which I didn't take a picture of, oops!) and it seemed to make my nose light and shiny looking down the middle like a highlighter is supposed to be like I think? So I guess that's what I can use it for!

4/5 for this BB cream mostly because I'm not sure what it's supposed to do in the first place but I was planning on using it as foundation but I think it's much too light. When I applied it to my face it made me look a bit washed out so I didn't really like that either. But it's SUPER SPARKLY!! Which I love, and it's a pretty dang sturdy cream as well. I washed my hands several times and even took a shower. there's still a bit of sparkle left on my hand today! And it's been on my hand for more than a day! So the long-lasting effect is definitely on point! Haha.

This is the only non-full-sized product in the whole box! And I'm a little disappointed that this one wasn't a full sized version because this CC cream I actually really like! I guess that's how life goes, huh? This is Too Cool For School CC cream which wiki says is supposed to be a color correcting cream. Once again I had the brilliant idea of swatching it on my hand where I really don't have any discoloration (most of my different colored spots are on my face).

Here it is before blending. It looks similar to the Shara Shara BB cream in terms of initial color as it is a tan-ish color.

In this picture it doesn't really look like I have anything on my hand but the top of my hand closest to my pinky has the CC cream and the skin on the top of my hand nearest to my thumb has the BB cream. In between them is my regular skin color. The CC cream is even lighter after blending than the BB cream, but I really like it because when I layered it with my compact powder the colors blended nicely to look like my natural skin tone!

I didn't get any pics of it layered on my face, but it really did what it said it would about correcting the color on my face, I didn't really look at it alone, only after putting powder on. But it worked for me! So I'm happy about that! That's why I wish it was full sized~ 5/5! I also heard the full sizes are double ended so one end squeezes out the CC cream and the other end has something else as well like a lip gloss or other things! Cool beans!

Last but not least are these Yeon Jeju Hallabong wash off masks! I am in love with masks because they're a nice relaxing and low maintenance option for when you don't really feel like deeply washing your face with soaps and cleansers. These feed your skin rather than strip away natural oils and such! I used the Peeling Gel one with my sister and it has a nice consistency. It's creamy and goes on easily. She used so much of it though I didn't have enough on my face to peel off like you normally would. But it left my face feeling soft and clean so that's a plus! 5/5 so far for this one too! I haven't tried any of these other ones yet but I'll get around to it soon enough.

That's about it for this review! All in all I liked a lot of the products that came with this box and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use them all~

My mom actually got me two of these bad boys for Christmas so I'll do a review on the next one when I feel up to it! Blogging is a lot more difficult than I thought! Hahaha

Until next time!~

xoxo Abby

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