Tuesday, January 27, 2015

~Skincare Review: LuLuLun Premium Face Masks~

Oops you can see part of my reflection in this one >.<
The outer box is quite pretty~ But does it work well?

Here we go! Yet another beauty post >__< hahaha~ Just a quick warning here, my face is present throughout this post T__T You've been warned! Also these pictures were taken with my shoddy phone camera quality so sorry in advance. Anyways on to the review!
Can't read Japanese? No worries! There's English at the bottom! Can't read English either? Hmm..
I bought this pack of face masks from Uwajimaya in the International District~ Uwaji is basically an Asian grocery store specializing in many Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese etc. products from food to beauty products!
The box set that I got comes with five of these silvery packets of masks that are all sandwiched together in groups of seven. So in total that makes for 35 masks! What a bargain! But is it worth it?
I like to put my masks in the condiments section of my fridge no matter what the temperature is like (but this is especially a great idea in the summer! ^__<) It's a refreshing skin treat after a warm shower while my pores are still open from the steam~

Backside of mask pouch with picture instructions!~

If you read any of my last reviews you know I have this thing about having to dip into anything multiple times. And lookie here ^^ seven sheets all smushed together in a liquid package? UH OH. That aspect bugged me. Once I saw this I knew I should have read other people's reviews before purchasing this even though it seemed cheap and convenient at the time.


I thought my eyes looked wonky in all these pics so I tried out my new DukDik app (yay Windows phones! No? Ok...) These masks are supposed to be for brightening, which is different from whitening as it doesn't lighten the skin with various acids and such. But rather, these types of masks are meant to bring out the natural inner glow of the skin! The reason they're in packets of seven squished together is you're supposed to wear one everyday for a week for best results. On the back it says these masks are made with all natural ingredients and is good for sensitive skin. I can vouch for this because despite the fact that I use so many different products on my face, I can tell when something is made with harsh chemicals because my skin gets totally red and irritated with bumps. So you can use these masks on a day to day basis while gently getting results. 

As for my results:

Left: face before mask; Right: face after mask!

Just an F.Y.I. the masks don't actually make your face go from pinky red to pale-ish after one use (in case you're looking for a mask that has whitening effects) I'm pretty sure it was just my camera angles being different in the two different pics. And like I said these are supposed to give good results after using the whole box everyday for a month and in this picture I was only about 1 and a half packages in. The smell is mild and the consistency of the "essence" (what the liquid that masks usually come in is often called) is just right so it's not running down your neck or sticking to the surface of your face. Still a bit sticky at the end (I've yet to find a non-sticky mask!) but once you incorporate it into your face it's not so bad. I still steam a bit of it off with a hot-warm wet face cloth because I do this at night and I don't want the essence all over my pillow case. 

Final verdict?

I'd say these are nice for everyday gentle relaxation. I'm still not digging the multiple masks in one liquid packet. I read from another blog that you can use clean tweezers to peel the masks out one at a time. This is still a hassle and it bugs me every time T___T I can understand wanting to reduce the amount of packing used though~ Hrm..

Rating: 3/5 They're decent and I admittedly don't use them everyday. I typically only use masks once a week or once every two weeks when I feel like my skin really needs it ^__^ 


*whispers* "I'm sorry but I'm just so swamped I can't take pictures of me frolicking in this beautiful 60 degree 'winter' weather in cute outfits. Nor do I have time to make tutorials of cute clothing I make" *sigh* Well, at least I"m keeping up with this 2k15 goal so far? Pretty much right? Hahha


*****UPDATE: 8/5/15******
Ok so it's been about 7 months since I first posted this and I wanted to update my review a little since it seems so many people read this particular post. I've actually kind of given up on this product since every time I use it I just feel like it's a waste of time since the mask doesn't really do anything for me. I tried using it everyday for two weeks since I had so many sheets and I didn't want to use them and my skin felt the same! Which is better than my skin turning worse, but still it would've been nice to see some sort of improvement.

Overall: I don't feel like buying these again. Perhaps I'll look up reviews on some of the other mask types and not this "Premium" one and try it again. But generally speaking these are on the bottom of my mask list (I've tried masks from Daiso that I liked better than these ones actually).

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