Saturday, January 31, 2015

~DIY: Lace Shoelaces~

Before: Cute shoes+boring shoelaces= 3:

After: Cute shoes AND cute shoelaces! YAY!

Woohoo! I can finally post a DIY! I've been trying to find time to squeeze in some sort of project onto here that was quick and easy so I wouldn't have to spend 3 hours+ at my precious sewing machine </3 The last time I did a sewing project was over winter break, and now that I have lots of homework it can be difficult to find the time, ya know? A mini shopping trip after picking up my mom from work last friday gave me the perfect DIY subject!~

Sooo I've been swooning over these lacey shoelaces from American Apparel for a while now~ BUT they're not within my budget range, even though they're currently on sale. So I took it upon myself to just go ahead and make these babies ^__^

The materials you need for this super easy DIY are:
~lace/ribbon of your choice
~cute shoes with lace holes
~superglue/fabric glue
~plastic line/thread that will look good as the aglet (plastic ends) of your laces

The first thing you want to do is unlace your shoes and measure the length of ribbon you need based off that. If the original shoelaces are longer or shorter than you'd like, adjust the length of your ribbon accordingly! That's one of the best things about DIY's, you can make it the way YOU want it! :D

Next you have to make the aglet follow these instructions that I found that are super easy to follow~ Or just follow along with my pics down below!

Sidenote: Who remembers the Phineas and Ferb aglet song?! I actually really like this show haha

Take the thread or plastic line, whichever one you have on hand (the thinner the better though!) and tie it where you want the bottom of your aglet to end on one of the ends of one of your shoelaces.

Wrap wrap wrap a bunch of times going up until you have a long enough aglet that you will be able to hold while you are tying your shoes and such!

Next, tie off your thread super tight so it doesn't coooommmeeee undooone!! (Weezer, anyone? No? Ok...) and snip off the excess lace on the end. But make sure not to cut up your thread!

Here you see one pretty much done shoelace, really only one more step you need for added durability. It also helps if they're the same size because it makes them look more like real shoelaces!

The instructions suggested to glue off the thread so they're all sealed in and it makes the aglets stiffer overall. I used fabric glue since I also used thread on the ends of my laces. If you used plastic line then super glue would probably be best. The tutorial I linked uses super glue and plastic lining. It's also a replacement aglet tutorial but it works for making your own shoelaces from scratch as well! Yay!

Shoes from Rocketdog

Wham bam thank ya ma'am you are done! Woohoo! Look at you doin' crafty things ;D You accomplished person you!

Sorry for the bad lighting pictures and stuff. I got all the supplies at night and I just HAD to start this DIY right away and post it. Heehee!~

In my first post I said I'd talk more about my DIY history so maybe I'll do that in another post sometime. It feels so good to be crafting again though!

Yay for more posts too! Thanks for stopping by <3


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