Friday, February 13, 2015

~Long Awaited Bonne Chance Collections Review~

Too kawaii to resist~

Soooo adorable <3

I called this post my "long awaited" Bonne Chance Collections review, not because you guys have been anticipating this moment or anything. I mean, it would be pretty weird if you were anticipating it since I"m new to this whole blogging thing and haven't mentioned anything about these dresses until now haha. Anyways, LOOK AT THESE SUPER CUTE DRESSES I GOT...summer of last year? Yep, it's been almost a year since I've had these dresses and I haven't been able to wear either of them 3: Pure sadness I know, such a shame. Why haven't I worn these marvelous babies yet you might ask? That's what this review is for! So before I get to the dresses that I have, let me tell you about this wonderful shop called Bonne Chance Collections~


So I found out about this website whilst scrolling through Polyvore. Often I like to click the links to some of the coolest things I find through there, just to see if  I have any sort of chance of getting my hands on them! And these dresses came up on this website and immediately I was like "WOAH" and all my dreams came true. The price seemed a bit much at first, but when I saw that they always have 25-30% off sales I was like "ohhhkaayyy maybe I'll just buy one" (when secretly I wanted them all, no really check them out they're too beautiful ugh <3) So I saved up my birthday money and planned on buying one to wear to my 18th birthday par-tay. Then I learned that my mom actually got me a couple dresses and gave them to me on my actual birthday ~<3 Such a lucky kitten am I. 

The packages come in this adorable wrapping paper, it's like getting a gift in the mail every time you order! (I'll post a picture of it when I find it, of course I kept it! ;D) The ladies who run Bonne Chance are THE SWEETEST. They write a personalized letter on the cutest cards in their own handwriting and everything. Customer service and satisfaction at it's finest ^__^ If you can bear tearing into the cute wrapping (I couldn't tear it, it took me a solid five minutes of swooning and carefully unwrapping the package to not muck it up) and finally get to the cute dresses, you will not be disappointed. 

Pardon the awful camera quality~

The material of the dresses is quite comfortable. I believe the material of the dresses I got are some sort of cotton blend since the fabric themselves are lightweight, somewhat thin, and not very stretchy. They wrinkle up a bit easily too, but nothing a quick iron before wearing can't fix! Both the dresses I have also have collars, but note how they are only half collars and don't go all the way around the neck of the dress. This makes for a bit of weird adjusting when it comes to wearing it with cardigans and you probably won't be able to get the collar up over a pullover unless it's a v-neck or something. The dresses I got were both also lined so you don't need to worry about wearing an extra slip underneath or anything.

Woah short hair all of a sudden? Nope! It's just an illusion~

Now we're to the part where I have to talk about why it took me so long to do a review. I have a short stature and a wide everything else >__<. And throughout the years you might say that I've come to a kind of understanding with my body I guess. I'm still not completely comfortable with it all of the time, but I do try and just accept it when I must. 

Awkward bathroom selfies 4dayz

My mom ordered me the biggest size their range goes up to: L. On the website it says the waist (the part of clothing I'm ALWAYS concerned about) is between 30-33 inches for pretty much all of their large sized dresses. When I tried on the dresses the first time I got them, the Strawberry Sundae dress was super uncomfortable. I thought I was a 33-ish inch waist back then but I guess not hahaha. Since the Ships Ahoy had an elasticized waist I had an easier time with that one. But it was still rather uncomfortable at first. And I don't think my bust is all that large but it was quite fitted in that region as well.

Busty girls be wary T___T

For instance, I plan on sewing the button down closure on the sailor dress because one of the buttons juts out and creates an opening at the front of the dress! I didn't think my bust was big enough to ever make any buttons pop but there ya go! 

 In this picture you can kinda see the lining of the dress on the inside and how it's tight on my bust area. And this is a picture now! Imagine how ill-fitting  it looked then!

I will take better pictures of these dresses someday~

Since I got these dresses I have lost a bit of weight (not nearly close to my goal but I have the whole year, right? haha) Just enough to be able to a bit more comfortably wear these dresses for the review. These were also taken in the afternoon after eating dinner hahaha. 

I definitely recommend sizing up for busty girls and knowing all your measurements if you aren't typically a size S/M or lower. These dresses can be quite short so the length is nice for short girls, some of my taller friends have said that these are a tad to short to wear without leggings or bloomers underneath without risking "exposure" hahaha. And the measurements on their website are accurate as far as I'm concerned. I re-measured myself before taking these pictures and my waist is give or take 33 the morning...before I've eaten...haha.

I MUCH prefer how these dresses look with cardigans on me. But it covers up so much of the cute dress 3:

I reaaallyy wish they offered plus sizes and longer lengths to support a broader range of buyers! Let's rally together and plead for them to make more sizes! Hahaha~ I suppose if I can't fit into these dresses without having to lose a ton of lbs (which I should probably be doing anyways for my personal health reasons heh) I'll just have to go ahead and make some of these dresses myself! *hmph* Expect some cute dress tutorials in the future ;D

For now I'll just dream about having these pretty pieces in my size <3

Rocking horses?! Are you kidding me?! *dies* that's...that's just too amazing.

I guess I'm really into off the shoulder right now. Or maybe it's these amazing prints! Seriously though where can I get fabric like this?!

Actual pic from Gal-entines day of my coord~

As always, thanks for reading lovelies! And happy GAL-entines day ;D <3



  1. I was looking at these dresses for the longest time! I'm a plus-sized gal myself (My dress size is usually around a size 16) and I'm super bummed they don't have more of a size selection! You look super cute in the dresses, though!

  2. Great Review! I have a much better idea of how these fit. I have big hips and behind, so I don't think these will fit me.