Sunday, February 22, 2015

~DIY: Mission Turn EVERYTHING Into a Brooch/Pin~

I have THE easiest ever DIY for you guys today: PINS!! Yup! Super easy right? Just trying to get back on track with crafting after weeks and weeks of midterms EVERY FRIDAY. It's great to be able to finally have a weekend where my homework load isn't too too heavy and I can sneak in a bit of leisure time. Today my sister and I watched The Incredibles for the first time in 2015 :D That made me super happy, I can't wait for the long awaited Incredibles 2!! Coming out next or next next year I believe? Anyways, on to the DIY!

~Some little odds and ends you want to become a brooch/pin! For this tutorial I used these super kawaii earphone reels I've been seeing at Daiso for forever! Little things like these make great brooches!
~Superglue or hot glue
~Brooch/pin backs- available at most craft supplies stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns etc. But I got mine from Daiso as well <3 (Oh how I love Daiso)
~A knife or sharp object for "scoring" the back of the object for your brooch (optional but recommended, see tutorial down below for why!) Sandpaper could also be used if you have some on hand!

Sharp object and hot glue are dangerous! Make sure to always use these tools properly and as instructed! Even super glue can get messy and annoying (I accidentally got some on my fingers and now they feel all weird O__o) so be careful!! <3

Those brownish lines you can see at the back of my earphone reels are called "scores" or scratches I made at the back of my object to make the glue adhere better! This helps if the back of your object is rather smooth, roughing the back up a bit allows the glue to get into the grooves and really allow the brooch base to stick on. If your object is already quite textured on the back you can skip this step! And remember to be super careful when scoring! I chipped a nail while simply trying to open the darn pocket knife I used for the tutorial haha.

The last step is the easiest! Using the glue of your choice (although I don't recommend Elmer's school glue for paper or glue sticks because they may not be sturdy enough, unless your object is made of paper? Oooo that would be cool, like an origami brooch! Still, super glue or hot glue is the best) place a dab on the area you just scored and stick your brooch back on! Do remember to put your brooch back on the proper way. I've bought button from places that had the pin on going backwards, just make sure the opening of the brooch is the way you are comfortable with pinning things on. For example I prefer that the opening of the pin is on the left and the pin itself is on the right. Kind of weird to explain, just look at the back of some of your favorite buttons/pins and see how the backs of those open and close, then make sure yours are going the same way! Ok? OK!

Then ya just have to let these babies dry and you're all set! I made the mistake of rushing and trying to put on the yellow one ( I thought it would be dry since it was one of the first ones I did, nope.) aaannd the glue wasn't dry yet T__T Hence the weird gluey fingers haha. Don't do that guys, you might accidentally glue your brooch onto whatever you try to put it on right away so just let it dry! LET IT DRYYYY LET IT DRYYY! Oh you're tired of Frozen references? Oops, my bad! Haha~

Thanks for reading as always beauties!!


P.s. Yay for being somewhat consistent with posts at least once a week! Erm, I think I've been consistent...hahaha!

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