Wednesday, March 4, 2015

~Mini Post: Irregular Blogging and a Mini Semi-failure of a DIY- Acrylic Tie-Dye Dress~

March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd outfits so far! Channeling bears, crop tops, and spring pastels <3 I cannot WAIT for summer to come even with this nice spring weather though~
 Hello all!~ Sorry I haven't really been posting lately. I've been a bit busy these last few days with midterms (EVERY FRIDAY without fail, by the way) and schoolwork in general so that took up quite a bit of my time. What I guess I'm trying to say is that I really want to keep up with this blog without messing up my everyday schedule. Soooo I thought a mini post would suffice for now. Don't worry though! I have a few DIYs lined up for this weekend (hopefully!) if I can meet my weekly homework goals hahaha ^__^ 

Front of dress: patchy in places, the colors looked super cool when I first unfolded it and then got lighter as I rinsed it out.

I actually DIY-ed tie-dyed a dress with acrylic paints but I was so caught up in making it that I forgot to take pictures of the process! Ooops haha~ I basically just squirted a bunch of acrylics fresh out of the bottle onto a 92% cotton cream colored dress, spread the colors with a paintbrush, poured warm water over the dress, flipped it over and repeated (except water), let sit for a few hours, rinsed, and got a shoddy pastel-esque dress.

OF COURSE the back of the dress is ten times better/more vibrant than the front side T__T 
Tips when using the acrylic paint tie-dye technique:
~ find a good, legitimate tutorial with pictures of the process and results and actually follow those directions or else yours will turn out like mine....
~ ^^ this means water down your acrylics with water in squeeze bottles before applying to your garment. Since I applied mine directly some areas got color and other areas are just large dingy slightly purple grey patches.
~Try to find a 100% cotton dress, it will make your like over 9000x easier and you will have less anxiety about those pretty colors (and all your hard work) flowing down the drain
~I cut the bottom half from the top half of my dress and tie-dyed them separately because I thought it would help with distribution of colors and it would look color. The way you want your pattern to look is your choice of course ^_^
~ leave the paint in until the garment is dry for the most part. It doesn't have to be completely dry, the longer you leave the colors in the more vibrant they will be!

I was actually kind of going for a pastel color for my dress, but after seeing some of the colors come out nice and bright I ended up liking that look better. I might go over some of the "balder" areas on the dress again like the left and right side of the skirt part on the back and front. I guess if I really wanted to I could wear the dress backwards? Hahaha, no one would be the wiser ^__^

That's it for this post! I reallllyyy wanted to do a Wednesday Wishlist post so if I get my work done in a timely matter I'll work on that next!

T.T.F.N! <3

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