Sunday, March 29, 2015

~Spring Break Re-Cap! (Long Post)~

 Hello lovely people!~ I think I mentioned this in my previous post but in case you didn't read that one, I'm on spring break! is the last day of my spring break anyways haha >.< This is just a re-cap so I can try and keep my posts more frequent. I've been trying to come up with a calendar for when I will post things but it's a bit difficult right now since I don't know what my school schedule is like right now.

Anyways, here's pretty much what I did over spring break!

Like I said I wanted to do in the last post, I wanted to try and make myself a full dress with this lilac gingham fabric I got at the fabric store! And this is how it turned out! Well, this is a picture of what it looked halfway through the process hahaha. I was still getting back into the groove of things so I didn't document the process of making this dress. But now that I know what to do I'll be sure to have a tutorial on how to make your own dress in the future!

I was going for just a regular sleeveless dress with a circle skirt at first (circle skirts are the easiest and cutest in my opinion!) and the first thing I started with was the circle skirt on the Wednesday night of my last day of winter quarter. And that's the first thing that went wrong...I did my waist measurement wrong and made a too big circle skirt T___T In most cases when sewing, too big is better than too small, but making a circle skirt waist too big also results in a shorter skirt, and the only nice way I can think of to lengthen a skirt is adding something to the bottom! Sooo I was like, hmm well I like those ruffly hemmed dresses! Let's try ruffles! Lemme tell ya, making ruffles is a labor of love. It takes so much effort to make the ruffles nice and even. And there's a TON of hemming to be done if you have a fabric that frays so keep that in mind with ruffles too!

In the end this is what my dress ended up looking like! I'm holding in the back in the second picture though because that when before I got a zipper and attached it to the back. I plan on wearing this for easter (because, ya know, pastels!) so I can take better pictures of the dress then ^__^ It ended up being a semi-off-the-shoulder type dress as well because I also mis-measured my shoulder to shoulder width T__T I guess I'm terrible at measurements!! 

On Saturday I went to one of my bestest (if you're reading this, hi Kar!! ^__^) friend's 19th birthday par-tay at her house. CAH, Dominos, Cinderella live action and real good company ^.^ 

Moving on, one of the other things I did was go to school! Wait...what?! On spring break?! Yep! I picked up my textbooks and then browsed the cherry blossoms blooming in the quad with my mum~ This picture was actually before they were really bloomy when we went but I got this one off my Instagram since it had a nice picture of Mt. Rainier too~ Actually, most of the pictures in this post are from my Insta haha.

I took a video of the day when my mom and I actually went to see the blossoms. Look how fluffy the trees are!

The next day I went BACK to Seattle, this time with the home gals! (I'm tentative about positing pictures of them, dunno if they wanna be on my blog! I'll ask soon though!~) Did some Lush shopping, cupcake eating, Pike browsing, all in some typical WA weather of course ^.^

Thursday was spent with the GNOSPG group once again, this time Piroshky and Crepes and Starbucks mwahahha~

Friday morning I was with my mom at the mall doing some spring shopping and found some awesome things! Pixapet at UO, Little Twin Stars bag at H&M, pastel pink jellies at F21 along with some colorful tights, and some face stuff at UO as well! I also managed to find a nice pink eyeliner which I'll be trying out and (perhaps) reviewing on here soon!

Hahaha oh conformity. (Yes I got Starbucks twice in one week) But It was worth it!! CAKE!! I wasn't disappointed when I tried the limited edition birthday cake flavor at Starbucks, but I think I'll just stick to my usual double chocolately chip or something. Or just eat one of their overpriced cake pops >___< hahaha.

On the same day of the Starbucks adventure, my uncle and aunt took my sister and my cousin to get some yummy tofu! This is Soon tofu from BCD Tofu House yummy <3 When I got home at around 1:40 am full of tofu and bubble tea (and half a grande cake frapp!) I was about to throw up @__@ But somehow I still had room for a red velvet cupcake?! Cheat week~ ahahha And I got to see one of my bests again after so long! (hi Christina!) We had no time or patience for selfies on our sucky phones but I can't wait til' we get to hang out again in the summer or something!

And here we are today on Sunday! Me just relaxing and blogging about the whole experience ^__^ I think this was my most productive SB yet because I did something pretty much everyday besides watching Youtube and staying indoors doing nothing. Both of which are totally fine things to do (especially for introverts like myself! I love breaks!) But it's fun being busy too, even though it's super exhausting phew! Alright spring quarter, I guess I'm ready for you! Let's finish freshman year of Uni off strong!

XOXO Abby !~

P.S. Sorry for such a long post! <3


  1. That dress is so cute <3 I've been following you on poly for a while, I'm glad I found your blog!

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I've seen your blog before too! Such an honor that you like my blog~ Thank you bunches!! =^___^= *feeling starstruck* hahaha