Wednesday, March 4, 2015

~Wednesday Wish List~

Wow 2 posts in 1 day?! Did I just do that?! Yeah I did!! Let's be honest I crush on a bunch of things all at once all the time. This list is merely a fraction of the things I am currently obsessed maybe even just during this one hour right now. Hahaha~ As you can see most of these things are dresses <3 One thing to note about me is that I'm anti-pants. More specifically anti-jeans. I dunno, there's just something so comfortable and free that I feel in a dress than in a pair of jeans. Just letting you know, I'm pretty sure most of these items are unfindable at the moment, but don't let that stop you from finding similar ones! I actually just grabbed most of these things from my Pinterest and some from my Polyvore haha. Check them out if you have the time!~

So without further ado, this Wednesday's Wish list:
1.) I'm soooo in LOVE with gingham at the moment! Gingham skirts, gingham dresses, gingham shoes~ UGH and don't get me started on pastel gingham <3 Just too dreamy!! In case you are wondering just what gingham is, it's a type of lovely checker/plaid print many people refer to as a sort of picnic table print fabric! As seen in this first dress on my wish list (which is actually from this website, but is unfortunately sold out 3:)

2.) This next dress is also sold out but I believe also comes in a two-piece set (crop top+skirt) combo (also quite irresistible <3) and is actually a fairly new item on Hello Holiday as far as I know. It's called the Dinomyte Dress and is pretty much the absolute most perfect dress I've ever seen *swoon* I mean, DINOSAUR PRINT IN MULTI COLORS?! Yessss pleaaaase!

3.) I ALMOST got the limited edition Syrup Etude Ballet Bag at Kinokuniya last week but I bought the My Melody tote instead because it was just too darn cute! But I'm a bit more fond of the tote in this lavender color--the lim. ed. bag had red slippers with a kitty inside!!--because you know me and pastels ;D  I have no idea how to order on these Japanese websites so if anyone knows the website for this bag is here and please tell me how I can order these! It comes in light pink, blue, red, and black as well~

4.) If you're like me and you are obsessed with collecting stickers AND you love cats AND you love kitschy little websites then you'll love Pygmy Hippo like I do! They have so much more than stickers there but one of the things I'm currently crushing on is this packet of Cute Kitty Sticker Flakes! It comes with an assortment of 70 stickers in 10 different designs :D There is a fancy animal version too! I need them both oh my gosh. There are tons of other things they have in stock right now that I'm swooning over so check em' out!

5.) This Organza Embroidered Polka Dot Smock Dress in pink is such a dream dress! I have a black and sheer polka dot dress that's sleeveless with sheer panels and this pink one from The White Pepper would be a perfect spring or summer version! I've always been in favor of smock type dresses as I like the way they fit and feel on me and The White Pepper has a TON of these types of dresses~ This is just one of my ultimate favorites of theirs at the moment haha.

6.) Ok, so I've been crushing on this Fuuvi Biscuit Camera forever since I bought their white chocolate digital camera a couple years ago. This sweet little camera would be a perfect addition to my novelty cam collection <3 I found one that's available on ebay right now but I never use ebay so I'm not sure how that will work out haha. I hope I can find one on a camera website or Amazon @_@

7.) These shoes are just the best thing I've ever seen <3__<3 sparkly, rainbow-y, pink, little beads in the tongue, organza/tulle lacey shoelaces, they're just too perfect! If only I knew how to purchase them on Swankiss. Or I could just go to Japan and buy them in person O_O wouldn't that be a dream come true! :D

8.) I've liked off-the-shoulder dresses since I've been seeing them in these pretty spring pastel colors. This one on my list is from yet another website which I can't understand. But I'm sure I'll be able to recreate this somehow with dresses and some fabric? Hopefully? Maybe? Spring break hopes <3

9.) And last but not least these sassy rad headbands again from Hello Holiday that I have been obsessing over these past few weeks since I found their website. Their pieces are just so quirky and fun!! And either of these beauties would be a perfect addition to any outfit~

There ya have it! This Wednesday's Wish list is complete! If you want to see some similar things I like scroll up to where I linked my Pinterest, there are a bunch of goodies there~

Thank you so much for reading lovelies!! Even though my posting faltered a bit here in the beginning of March, I do think this whole blog thing might work out for me? Yes? Ok! Yes!!


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