Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~What's to Come! (DIY's!)~

Hello all! Sorry for the brief blog hiatus. I guess a few weeks isn't such a long time, and no one has probably noticed since this blog is fairly new haha. Anyhow, due to finals I had to focus less on my blog these last few weeks. Today was my last day of finals (an interesting story I'm sorry I don't want to go into haha) and so I decided some sort of post was due! I have a few DIY's lined up for spring break which should curb the blues that always come with the end of a quarter. Uni is tiring you guys, lemme tell ya. It's worth it, but it can just be so...Well, let's just say when in doubt make sure you're on time to things. Just anywhere in life in general, but ESPECIALLY on finals week. Get where I'm going with this? Yes? OK GOOD! I'll rant about this on my private tumblr later hahaha. OK! So just to document some of the DIY's I'm interested in possibly doing this week (partly so I remember which DIY's I have materials for and partly because posting which DIYs I'm going to do will motivate me to actually do them!) here they are in no particular order:

**fair warning: a lot of these DIY's are going to be purse DIY's but they're AWESOME novelty bags so if you're into that kinda thing, stay tuned!!**

Also, it's very likely that I won't do all of these projects but if you have a preference for one that you'd like to see, let me know and I'll definitely try it out for you guys! :D

1.) I saw this amazing tutorial by hellosharla on Youtube of how to make this milk purse that I've been dying over since Olympia Le Tan released it whenever they did. All you need for this one is some cord, thick stock paper or the equivalent, felt, and glue (hot glue/fabric glue preferably). Soooo easy and cute!
Olympia Le Tan Milk Purse *swoon*
hellosharla DIY milk purse!! Just as adorable!
2.) Hohoho I warned you these would be a lot of purse tutorials! Next up is this SUPER cute egg purse that I spotted on this website. I found out about inu-inu through instagram as I was browsing through some posts and I was like "This website looks like it sells amazing clothes I could never afford" hahaha. Also, I'm not 100% sure but some of their stuff doesn't look original? Like the two piece egg set looks like the one by famous Japanese plus size brand Punyus and there's no credit for it? Hmmm...

This bag could either end up really good or really bad since it's one of those pretty simple and straightforward kinda ideas. I mean take two white pieces, cut them into egg shape, stick yellow thing in middle and add handle. How hard could that be? hahaha we shall see...

There's also this one from the site as well, which I might attempt to make if this first egg purse goes well and I have some materials left over. 

I have to live up to the name of my blog right? GIMME ALLL DEM EGGS MWAHAHAHA~

3.) I have definitely been wanting to make a roll cake slice bag even before I saw someone who makes and sells them online, but seeing them like this just wants me to make one even more!

These beauties are by Lucky Ladybird Crafts and she has a website here if you want to skip the making process and support her lovely bags! I wish I could just buy one but I want to take a crack at making one myself! Hahaha~

I also kind of wanted to make a purse in a triangle cake slice shape like this one here that I'm using as inspiration from sheylara blog! Which is an AWESOME blog I highly recommend if you like cute slice of life blogs~

This awesome cake purse was also an inspiration I saw on Pinterest <3

4.) *whispers* ok last purse I swear! This one looks like the most difficult one because I'm bad at circles but I loveee pancakes (What's with me and food novelty purses?! They're just so cute!! AHH!)

Honestly this one is more of a stretch and I don't think I'll attempt to make this one this spring break, maybe summer break if the other bags end up nice. But to really make this one look good will just take more effort that I guaranteed will not give this spring break...

~Pardon my continuous bitter bad mood, post finals behavior for the time being please. Just bear with me for a bit, ok? haha sorry <3~

I don't know, I guess it's just the idea of purses being so easy to make that makes me want to make all these purses. But I know the process will actually be much more difficult than it seems hahaha!


5.) I went to the fabric store a week ago and this pretty purple gingham fabric has just been sitting pretty in the bag just waiting to be styled into any one of these gorgeous spring styles I've been pinning since winter <3

If you saw last (last last?) week's Wednesday wish list post you know how I feel about pastel gingham and gingham in general <3 This DIY has been stalled for TOO LONG I SAY! TOO LONG! xD

 These are the two styles I was going for. Originally I just wanted to go a bit simpler with the circle skirt and top with (maybe) some sort of collar like the dress on the left. But then I saw the cut of the dress on the right and now I'm TORN (cue Natalie Imbruglia song!)

This one is quite a bit more ambitious but if I'm feeling up to it, mayyyybe I'll attempt it? It's really only the neck and collar area I'm concerned about ^__^. If you have an idea on which one I should make (left? right? bottom? part of left? part of right? etc.) Let me know in the comments please!

Welp, that's pretty much all I have in store for spring break right now! Hopefully doing all these DIY's and doing some spring cleaning will get me out of this pitiful rut I've gotten myself into haha.

xoxox Abby

P.S. If you're interested in more potential DIY ideas I may attempt in the future I have a Pinterest board specifically for possible future projects! So interestingly named "Making" (my way downtown walking fast faces pass and I'm homebound) haha. Have a looksie and a hope you have a better day than I'm having *stomps away lovingly*

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