Wednesday, July 1, 2015

~Lifestyle Update: Birthdays, BBQ, and Blogging~

Hello all! I think I'm off my regular blogging schedule again ahhaha oops! There was just soooo much going on in the past couple of weeks and so much coming up ahead as well! AHHH! But today I actually have some time to catch up on here and talk about what I've been up to :3 YAY!

So for fathers day my aunt took us to a hot pot place called Boiling Point :P I feel like I always have pictures of hot pot on here?! Oh well hahaha, it's so yummy!

Look at all the choices!

You can choose from black tea or green tea and either of them come in this bubble tea like thing ^>^

I got the kimchi bowl :3

Aaand I had my 19th birthday a few days ago which was super fuuun. Funny thing about turning a year older, I feel like I never really feel like the age I actually am most of the time. I still feel like a seventeen year old but with more responsibilities I guess? Hahaha~ Sidenote: Speaking of responsibilities the whole job/internship thing is coming out dry so far lol maybe I should try harder (in case anyone was wondering how that is going!)**end side note**

Rainbow cake from a yummy Seattle Bakery :3

Hand cream I got for my b-day ^.^

I went to Wild Waves with my friends the day after my actual birthday and then that Saturday I had a BBQ with just the family to celebrate ^.^

My DIY's have been going well so far too! I now have TWO cool overall dresses that I made, one denim one (tutorial here) and another one I made a few days ago that is based off this pinafore--or Cat a fore as it was called on the website-- by Lazy Oaf! Their prints are AMAZING but out of my price range 3: And at least by making this overall dress myself I could control the size and make sure that it fits me! Buying things online that you are unsure of the size can be scary o.o

I used my overall tutorial and then just added the cat ears and face to the top part! I also got ahold of some actual overall closure pieces so now I'm gonna get a bunch of them and make lots of different colors!

I don't actually know if the actual overalls are still on sale on any websites, actually. And I was hesitant as to whether I wanted to make mine just like the original with a sort of "straight" fit to the dress (see below!) or if I wanted it in the circle skirt style again. And I ended up just going for a circle skirt style because I love the twirly feeling so much :'-D

Twirly skirt! Eeep! :D

Lazy Oaf version! More than $100 I believe?

My version! Around $16 ($11 for fabric, $4 for clasps, already had felt and thread and such!)

These overalls actually ended up being a lot cleaner and neater in general than my blue denim ones :3 I used a black bull denim fabric from Joanns and it's a little thinner than the light blue denim I used in the last one! And for the cat face I used white felt and carefully hand stitched it on. I accidentally made the waist of the skirt too big so I fixed it with a light pleat as well! Yay for improvements! :D

My pin making game has also been strong lately as well. Perhaps I should open a little online shop? Haha I've actually had this one for a while but I've never actually opened it! Maybe someday soon~

These dangly pins are new additions to my collection that I've made!

More clay pins and one of my little journals~

I know saturn isn't' these colors but I can dream >__<
Cheesy sayings to go with these cute felt patches I made ^__^

There were a few little Seattle trips in between with my mom and dad for various things. But all in all I've been pretty busy since I've gotten out of school, which makes me feel very happy and accomplished :^)

This is from a burger shop on the Ave in the Uni District called A Burger Place :P You can customize your burger on a little list, it's really great! 

Share Tea was SUPER yummy! You can customize your bubble tea there with 50% sugar and 50% ice or whatever you like! I got taro blended ice with pudding :3

Pictures from a Seattle adventure with some of the BFFs in the Seattle University area! (Kimmy's school :D And also one of the first things I did to start my summer LOL so why is it at the end of this post? Who knows! Hahaha xD)

A cute lil pie shop called High 5 Pie *__*

Thrift store ^>^

There was a Blicks in that area :O

Things coming up these next few weeks: MORE birthdays, fourth of July, a wedding, and some sort of family road trip maybe? Hahaha! We shall see! I'll keep you updated :D

Thanks for catching up with me lovely readers <3
xoxo Abby

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