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~Shop Review: Dog Dog on Storenvy (UPDATED 8/3/16)~

Hey hey hey! ANOTHER blog post in the same week?! HECK YEAH!! This is also my first review post NOT about beauty products but rather, a store! Today I'll be reviewing an online shop called Dog Dog.

***NOTE: This is not a sponsored review and if in the future I ever do get sponsored by a store to review something I will let you guys know! There's nothing worse than getting dishonest reviews either so please know that all my reviews are just my opinion based on the items I have received (including the quality and conditions etc. of the items) and how I/my order(s) have been handled by the store being reviewed! Whether I'm being sponsored or not won't change the way I review :3 Thanks!***

So a little background on Dog Dog. I'd been following another storenvy run shop called Inu Inu for some time now. And I think I even had some of their items on one of my past Wednesday Wish list posts before? Apparently they had a falling out with their product providers whom I believe are based in China. I really need to fact check all this information. Anyways, the product providers stopped supplying to the Inu Inu brand because they were not paid properly or something and now they have become their own brand called Dog Dog (which to my understanding is the English translation of the Japanese [Romanized] words Inu Inu!).

The first noticeable difference between the two brands is the price. Dog Dog states specifically that they want their prices to be much more reasonable than what Inu Inu sells their stuff for. The thing about price is, I don't mind having to pay a lot to a brand that treats their workers (including factory and shipment workers and such) well. That includes proper factory facilities and a livable pay. I don't know how much they are being paid and what the conditions are and whatnot which is the thing that makes me the wariest about buying from this brand and countless other brands that are so "cheap".

Not to brush off such an important topic (I'll expand on ethical clothing another day when I've done more research on it), but back to the review:

The package came in this bag:

And the address of the place it was sent from....whoops I didn't flip the camera @__@ my bad!
Says its from somewhere in China called Huangshi Road Baiuin Dist., Guangzhou

Here's what the clothes looked like fresh outta the parcel:

Nicely packaged in plastic. They weren't just stuffed or shoved in there or anything either which is nice.

Upon opening the package there is a strong chemically smell. You get used to this smell from ordering from overseas websites. It's only strong after a while though and goes away after a good wash or two.

The first one I was excited to open up was the Egg and Bread bag! You know how much I love eggs hahaha <3__<3

Had a protective fabric covering, much appreciated.

The strap is inside the bag! Along with some padding to help the bag keep it's shape.

Super cute *__*

Also very spacious, it's a bigger bag than I thought! YESSS~

Egg Bread bag was a success! Very happy with that one :3

Next up: Milk tee shirt! 
This one I wasn't sure I wanted to get because of a post I saw about cultural appropriation and inappropriate use of other languages/cultural images in fashion. I took a chance at this milk shirt anyways though. *sigh*

I don't know if you guys can see but the Inu Inu tag is still on this shirt >.< hahaha
Upon first taking it out of it's plastic bag and unfolding it I was just like...oh no. Usually I like super big roomy shirts, but I was hoping this one would be a little smaller. Shame on me for not looking at the sizing chart thoroughly. That's what I get for getting a taboo shirt.

SO BIG! But also so comfy =^__^=

Stop trying to be cool Abs, geez.

The material of this shirt is a stretchy one. Probably some sort of mostly polyester, partially cotton blend. The print looks nice and clear. I ordered a size XXL and the sizing details shown on the website look correct for the most part. I need the length of an XS shirt and width of an XL shirt apparently :') lol. 

Breakfast outfit :'^) Also, here you can see how big the bag AND my shirt are! 
And now for the dresses! I don' usually like collared dresses, they can be tricky because I have a short neck T___T 

But I couldn't resist the prints on these! 


Refreshing :3

These ones feel even more polyester-y than the shirt, so they're a lot stretchier. Both of these dresses come in one size only so I was worried about how these might turn out at first. Then I remembered the Inu Inu brand did a photo shoot and I believe there were some plus sized models wearing these dresses and they were about the same size as me! So then I thought, ok I think I should be fine. And I was right! Just make sure you measure yourself and check the measurements of all items you plan on buying on the website. So far most of their measurements have been accurate, but I just noticed that for some reason the waist measurement on the website says 100 cm (39.9 inches) and the waist is definitely not squeezing me or anything so I measured the waist and bust myself with an accurate measuring tape:

Waist: about 55 cmx2=about 110 cm all the way around (~43 in) Idk where they got 100 cm for the Waist measurement on their website. Hmm.

Bust (I'm wearing it): Fits 106 cm comfortably, still has a lot of room to stretch if you are larger than 106 cm across your bust (see pic below this to see how it fits across my bust) If you are more or less than 106 you can judge whether this is a good fit for you. <106 means a little looser fit than what I have, >106 a little more fitted but not tight until probably 120 cm at least! It's SUPER stretchy you guys!

I'm tilting my neck up in this picture, just an FYI. Also here you can see how it's a beet see through *__* LOL OOPS

I like knee length dresses. I'm about 5ft-5" 1

Watermelon dress is the same as the banana one, this print is a bit more cartoon-y compared to the more realistic (I guess) looking bananas on the other dress!

Since the fabric is a bit thicker and of a stretchy polyester material, it seems it might not be ideal for super hot summer weather. Maybe I'd wear it in the mid 70's temperatures, but I guess it's up to your preference of course! haha. If you're worried about your short neck, maybe reconsider getting this though? The neck is SUPER high and the buttons at the top are a little tight. Another reason why I recommend wearing this in cooler weather. Of course you could always not button it up all the way, but I'm just letting you know in case you do want to button it all the way up and are concerned ^__^.

Since this brand used to be the supplier of Inu Inu,  I guess one might say that this could also be a dual review for the quality of some of Inu Inu's products as well, since they have some of this stuff on their site. I'm guessing they're just selling whatever they have left from Dog Dog but I'm not sure who their new supplier is and if the quality is the same. 

As for customer service, I really had no problems with this order at all! So I didn't have a need to contact them or anything. They emailed me when my order shipped and there was a tracking service. Last I checked it was in LA and before I knew it my package had arrived! And I wasn't even expecting it to come anytime soon (overseas orders can sometimes take MONTHS in my experience) but it was surprisingly fast! I ordered on the 26th of June and it got here by today (July 2nd) which is pretty good! 

All in all I give 9/10 because I don't know how ethical their brand is yet. Yep brought it up again. If I do end up ordering again (which I REALLY want to do but two things I want are sold out right now 3:) I will be sure to really check the sizing well to get the fit I want!~ The website is very easy to use and they use the same Storenvy platform I plan on using for my shop maybe opening in the future *hint hint*. 

If you have any corrections of info I provided here or questions or comments please feel free to comment down below!! Thanks so much for reading lovelies!!

xoxo Abby

***UPDATE 8/27/15***

Hello all!~ Like I said above in this post I wanted to order more things from this shop to get a good range of the quality of their products. Everything in that first order is still very nice and I've had no issues with the quality of those products so far! Yay! So after writing that first review I put in my second order for the fried egg crop top and skirt set (which I'm pretty sure is a knock off of the Japanese brand PUNYUS fried egg set, which worries me a bit honestly...). The order came right on time, though it felt a little longer than the last order, probably just because I was anticipating the arrival of the package unlike last time hahaha~

The clothes were packed nicely in plastic just like the items in the previous order. On the website the measurements for the shirt (listed on their site as Egg TOP, I didn't get the Egg TEE) were 18.7 in for length, 18 in. shoulder, 17.3 in. sleeve, 19.6x2 in.=39.2 in. total bust. So I was pretty sure it would fit, just by focusing on the bust measurement alone.

Yup bust is about 19 in.

For the length I think the measurement they gave was from the back of the shirt and the front is about 15 in. and goes up a little when worn. But it is a crop top so if you want a longer shirt I suggest the Egg TEE which is 32 in long and 26 in wide for their largest size (2XL).

So cute together!

My (over)bust measurement is about 41 in.:

Also, I'm sitting in these four pictures (including this one) if that counts for anything.

And my (under) bust measurement is about 37 in.:

My waist (smallest) is about 40 in.:

And my waist (largest) measurement is about 44 in.:

The measurements for the skirt were 17.7 in. length, 32-46 in waist since it was elasticized and had a lot of stretch to it!

AHHH you guys know how much I love egg print!!

The length of the skirt (and wearing the two together as a set in general) is perfect! My height is around 5ft, give or take a couple centimeters maybe. I haven't checked in a while lol.

The outfit is light weight and perfectly breezy and cool for summer! Any other part of the year I could wear it with tights and a denim jacket or something ^>^ 

I usually wear L-2XL sizes depending on the fit I want and where I buy it from. For example, most of the things I get at Forever 21 are from the plus size section or L if it has a loose, boxy fit. I usually like to keep things oversized, it's just more comfortable for me hahaha~ That being said, this egg set is absolutely ADORABLE even though the crop top is a bit fitted and quite cropped haha. A+ to this order as well! No problems with it or anything.

A few weeks later I decided I wanted to buy a couple more things from the shop that I hadn't tried yet but I saw a lot of people buy. One of them was their pleated skirts and the other was their BACK TO THE FUTURE turtle neck. In the past I have not had much luck with turtle necks (as I said above my neck is short and stubby so it looks weird (IMO) with turtlenecks and certain collars. But I thought this was more of a mock turtleneck (a shorter turtleneck style) so it would look OK on me, right?

All this does is accentuate my double chin. I know it's there shirt, you don't need to remind me, thanks.

I look like a ninja burrito. And yes I am wearing pajama bottoms, I like to blog comfortably, OK? LOL

Isn't black supposed to be flattering?! 

Personally I am not digging this at all. The measurements on the website are as follows: 20.5 in length, 45.7 in bust, 16.5 in. sleeves, 26.4 in. shoulder. That being said, I really should've had a couple inches of wiggle room in this! But alas, this sweater ended up being very tight and uncomfortable on me.

Length is correct. Is this supposed to be a cropped top? Because it feels like it should be one. 

Bust is almost right, give or take an inch, but when I wore it it didn't feel like I had that much room to work with.  Likely due to the un-stretchy material.

Although these measurements were accurate for the most part, they were the most disappointing to me. In the picture the sweater looks a bit oversized, but unless you are a petite girl this might not be very oversized on you. I think the material of this sweater is also what made it very uncomfortable on me. There really isn't much stretch to it and it's quite soft and warm on the inside, somewhat thick as well. More of a cool fall/ winter layering option. I gave it to my sister since it looked better on her and she liked it! LOL <3

As for the black tennis skirt, I was really hoping the 4X would be too big on me, just based off my past experience with 4X skirts in the US. But these are truly ones you have to look at the measurements and believe because their 4X is maybe a L-XL here? It fits but it's tight is basically what I'm saying haha. And the length was a little short for my personal tastes. I'll definitely be wearing these with tights in the fall.

I measured about 15.5 in. and their measurement was 15.7 in. for length. So again it's accurate, it was just my fault for not taking into account the shortness of the skirt for my tastes, as well as the fact that all the tennis skirts have the same length just a different width!

I measured about 17.5 in waist of the skirt one way, which means about 35 in. in total. On the website it says 35.4 in. for the waist so it's accurate! And it really shouldn't have fit me all that well anyways but I wanted to see if it would be bigger than advertised. NOPE! It's the same!

See how it cinches my waist? I'm used to non-elasticized skirts being this way though.

Aaaaand of course it rises at the back because of my BUTT.

Kind of an awkward length personally. Wish it was maybe two inches longer at least?!
Here's the brand (sorry I forgot to flip it!) "Hug Sunshine" in size XXXXL apparently. This tennis skirt is in the standard Chinese sizing, I'm guessing. Lot's of overseas products are like that, especially ones I've ordered in the past so I'm not all that surprised hahaha~

Yeahhhh my last order was a little disappointing to say the least. It also came two days late and was delayed for whatever reason. But at least the tracking service told me it was delayed so I didn't need to contact the shop or anything.
All in all, believe in the measurements given on their website, they're accurate as far as I'm concerned!

Thanks for reading this update! This post is super long now!! LOL!

xoxo Abby

****UPDATE: July 19, 2016****'s time to make this post EVEN LONGER.

I realize I get a lot of views on this blog post so I decided that I should just continue adding onto this one post and update it every time so people can scroll through and read about a particular product they're interested in. If you've read through this entire review...YOU DA BEST AND I LOVE YOU <3 What a champ! Hahaha ^__^

As usual my reviews are based on my personal experience with the particular seller and their products and I am not being sponsored by this store (dog dog) but if I was I would let you all know! Also I live in the US so keep that in mind as you consider my personal shipping experience with this shop. K? We good? Let's get started then!

I don't wanna drone on too long about shipping and ordering because's been the same as when I first ordered. All of my orders have come pretty much on time except for the last order right before this update (the 8/27 order update came a bit slow) but surprisingly for a brand based in China the products came faster than I expected! And that's always really nice :3 I actually ordered three things in total but I ordered two from their personal online shop and one through their storenvy store. As far as I can tell both shops offer the exact same things so I'm fairly certain they're the same shop but dog dog has been known to change their website url a few times due to being shutdown by that Inu Inu scandal I briefly discussed at the very beginning of this post. As far as I know the tea for that drama is cool at this point but there's still probably tension between the two shops :/

I placed this order on 7/6/16 and got a confirmation email on that day. Three days later (7/9/16) I received another confirmation email saying that all my items have shipped and it provided me with a tracking number so I can follow my order through USPS. The date I expected it to come was 7/19/16 like it said on the USPS tracking site but I actually checked the mail on 7/18 and both packages were already there! Nice!

Since I ordered from two different storefronts (but from the same store) and on the same day I received two separate packages. Dog Dog offers free shipping to the US using standard shipping (ePacket). If you live outside the US or want to pay for express shipping, check out their FAQ:

So no troubles with shipping or handling there!

I think I provided my measurements on this post somewhere already but I'll list them here again for reference:

Bust measurement
Bust: 42 in/ 106.68 cm

Waist measurement

Waist/Under bust (smallest point):38 in/ 96.52 cm

Hips measurement
Hips (widest point): 44 in/ 111.76 cm
Height: about 5 ft-5' 1 or about 155 cm
Here's a picture of the items I purchased as shown on the website:

I've really been into shirts with collars lately (even though I have kind of a short neck and it looks weird but oh well lol) and the print of this one is cute! And it's oversized so I expected it to work out! Image directly from dog dog website. $14.95.
This shirt is listed as Cute Stationary Shirt on the website and Storenvy. 
Material: Chiffon
Length: 24.4 in
Bust: 51.2 in
Shoulder: 26.4 in
Sleeve: 8.7 in

Usually when I order tops I focus on the bust/waist measurements and most often the bust measurement is the one that's provided. Sometimes I look at the length too so I can figure out if it's more of a crop top or a longer shirt on me. Typically I like shirts to be about XXXXXX inches long. I'll be using a standard measuring tape that I use for when I sew and alter clothes to measure both myself and the clothes. 

"Boyfriend Denim Jacket" Image directly from dog dog website.  $19.95
I'm a sucker for a good denim jacket  and I'm always looking for different washes (lighter, darker, faded, patchy etc.) and I already have two (one washed out/grey from F21 and one denim blue) but this one looked like it was nice and oversized and it had a cool blue wash rather than a grey one so I decided to try it out! This one actually came in three different sizes and I chose the Large (I opt for the biggest size even when looking at measurements for off brand clothes when I buy online, just in case! I'd rather have something that's a little too big than too small >.<) SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


Taken directly from the Storenvy dog dog site. 

Just looking at the bust measurement I should really be able to order a small and it would fit me, in the end I still chose large though lol.

This last item is the one I bought from the storenvy site. The denim jacket and stationary shirt I bought from the dog dog net store and then as I was browsing the storenvy store right after I placed m order, I saw these denim jeans:

"Boyfriend Jeans" Image taken directly from website. $14.95 ON SALE. Originally $24.95.
This one came in a range of sizes as well! I really wanted these even though I didn't have a discount (you can use "dog dog" as a discount code at checkout if you get over $30 on your order I believe??) but they looked stretchy and the color looked nice so I thought, "why not!". 


Image clipped from dog dog net website. 
Based on the measurements I made of myself I should've been able to maybe squeeze into the 2XL but definitely fit into the 3XL so that's the size I ordered. I assumed the measurements they provided for the "Hip" measurement was when stretched because the pants looked like they have an elastic waist band even though it wasn't specifically mentioned in the description of the item. Nonetheless, I believed the item would fit even if the measurement was taken if the pants were not stretched.

Now let's take a look at the items I received in the mail! :~)

My camera and the lighting make this look SUPER blue but it's pretty true to the color in the shop photo!
Let's start with my favorite item and work our way *ahem* down from there -.- hahaha~ This denim jacket is GR8!! Some of my other denim jackets are pretty thick so they're better for autumn layering, but this is just right! I can wear this on breezier summer or spring days and feel covered but not crazy warm! One of the first things I noticed about this jacket when I took it out of the bag was an overpowering chlorine smell?? A lot of items that come from overseas shops tend to have this chemically smell. For denim it's suggested that you mix a bit of castile soap (Dr. Bronners is good!) to help get rid of it. It worked pretty well for me!

Yay it closes with extra room! Also this color is accurate :3
There seems to be plenty of room in the bust area, so how did it measure up?

Bust measurement
I measured approximately 24 inches across the front of the jacket so all the way around this would be about 48 inches. I'm guessing when the bust measurement was made for this jacket it was done a bit lower near the under armpit area. The measurement given for this size L denim jacket was 50.2 inches so it's pretty close! Again it depends on where exactly they measured.

I like to wear my denim jacket open but I wanted to see if I could button it all the way down:

Buttoned up!
It buttoned just fine for the first two buttons, then I noticed how tapered this jacket really gets toward the bottom...hahaha

I couldn't button the last two on the bottom hahaha. The buttons are a bit wiggly too so I didn't want to force it in case the button popped off! In general it's a pretty sturdy piece of clothing but you can never be too careful when it comes to buttons hahha.

Speaking of quality, here are some more product shots!:

Chinese brand
There was a small hole in the side seam, easily fixable but a tad bit disappointing >.<
There weren't any major flaws besides this one small hole (I could fit my pinky through it!) but there were a lot of loose threads that I had to snip off. It was no biggie and this is pretty common with wholesale-esque stuff like this.

Length: about 29 inches
Length on the website said 26 inches but again it depends on where they measured. I started from the top of the collar so I'm guessing they might've started from the shoulder to get 26 inches.

Shoulder measurement: about 26 inches across the front
15 inches for the shoulder measurement on their website was really the only one that I found was wayyyy off! I wonder if they had someone try it on and took the measurements from where the garment came on their shoulders? Hmm.

Another minor detail about this denim jacket is that when it came out of the package the pockets were sewn shut! I was pretty interested in this fact because I know a lot of professional wear (work suits and the like) have the pockets sewn shut! It's an easy fix to get them open though:

At first I thought they were fake pockets and I was about to be sad :c

Be gentle and make sure to only get the thread and not the actual jacket or the pocket! You don't wanna get a hole in those!
You can use a seam ripper or a sharp pair of scissors! Be careful you don't cut yourself or the jacket! Carefully snip away at the thread from the inside of the pocket and...

TA-DAH! Open pocket! 
Two pockets on each side :3

Overall this was my favorite item in these packages...and maybe even my favorite item I bought from the entire dog dog store??? It's just so versatile! I highly suggest you get this denim jacket if you don't already have one because these babies are a closet STAPLE for sure! for the disappointing items hahaha 3:

Cute right? Well..sorta haha
I was sooo excited about this print when I saw it online!! I love grid prints! And stationary! And collared shirts!! And I know we've learned that my neck isn't so great in collared shirts but I went ahead and bought this shirt anyways hahaha~

Now that's the face of a happy camper!
Yeah...collared shirts still don't work on me hahaha. Not this type of collar anyway ;__;

The fabric material is what throws me off the most. This is mainly my fault though!! The website as the material of this shirt listed as "chiffon" so it's definitely a flowy, thin material! You can kind of see my BRIGHT PINK bra through the shirt in the pic above for example hahaha >.<

The print is so cute though ughhhh >__<
Another thing I noticed about this shirt is the collar is REALLY stiff! So if you're someone that HATES floppy collars, this shirt is for you! hahaha~ More things I didn't noticed on the website pics and are completely my fault: 1.) the buttons don't go all the way down, 2.) it's very boxy.

Le sigh...ok, let's do the measurements:

Length measurement from top of the collar to bottom.
The length measurement is accurate! I measured a little over 24 in and the website said 24.4 :-) On me I think the length is decent because you can tuck it into things but it's not exactly a crop top length either.

Goes down to about top crotch area I guess?!

Bust measurement
 I measured approx. 23 in across the front (so about 46 inches around the bust) and the website says 51.2 inches. Another difference in measuring tape placement I suppose...refer back to my measurements and compare them to your own! I still had some wiggle room but not enough to say that the shirt is super loose and baggy like I thought it would be. It's still a bit more fitted.

Overall, not the most comfortable shirt I've ever worn since there's no stretch (mentioned on the website but I didn't mind that at the time because I was expecting it to be a lot baggier and looser) and the collar is so stiff and terrible I'll have to figure out a way to fix it. Cute but not a staple. It looked super cute on other people though -.-

Last item!!! The most disappointing since that black pleated skirt!!! LOL

Oh man, when I saw these jeans on the website I was SOOOO excited! 1.) High waisted 2.) Denim 3.) A decent denim color 4.) ELASTICIZED!! I was sold!! Then when I opened the package...sadness.

I ordered the biggest size for these pants 3XL with a measurement of 47.2 inches in the HIP area. At my widest point I measured 44 inches for my hips so I thought these pants would fit just fine!! NOPE.

You see, when I read these measurements I decided that the HIPS measurement is probably referring to the elastic waist band part...yeah no.

Waist band measurement stretched as far as we could.

I measured about 17 inches across the front with the waistband stretched as far as my sister and I could pull it so all the way around the waist would've been 34 in...WELP. If the hips measurement is for the waist band area then it's WAYYYY off! If you can see in these other pictures:

Widest point measurement across front
We also measured the point that looked the widest on the front of the jeans to see if that's where the measurement might've been made. I'm guessing since these pants are "high waisted" they listed the HIPS measurement and measured that as the area where your hips will likely be when you're wearing the pants. This area measured 21 in across the front so about 42 in all the way around...which is still off. It would've been VERY helpful if they listed the waistband measurement on their website and not just the hip area because now these pants are being worn by my sister (as is what usually happens with these clothes LOL).

Waist band measurement when not stretched.
Length of pants measurement
37.4 according to the website, I measured about 34 inches. Again with the inaccuracy.

Overall these pants were a total disaster. I'm already weary about buying bottom in general online but now I know I'll never buy bottoms from dog dog because they never seem to work out for me T__T.

That's about it for the update! In all shipping is still the same and the quality is about the same for the clothing. The range of items still mainly caters to more petite people but the denim jacket was A+!!

Thanks for reading! <3 <3 <3 Keep the questions coming!! 


  1. Thanks for the review! Really helpful!

    1. Yayyy! So glad this was actually helpful!! Thanks for reading =^___^= <3

  2. Hi :)

    May i know how long will they take to ship your items out afTer you made payment? Thanks ^^

    1. Hi there! From my three orders my fastest shipping time after payment took less than a week, and that was my first order I posted about with the dresses and egg purse. My second order took around two weeks, which I think was their average shipping time then. And my third order took almost three weeks, this was about one week late. So as you can see, from my experience their shipping hasn't exactly been consistent, which is an unfortunate downfall of overseas shipping. I haven't ordered from them recently but I assume two to three weeks is the average shipping time for most overseas brands.

      Please let me know if I didn't fully answer your question! Thanks for reading Princess! =^___^=

  3. so they are DEFINITELY 100% legit? just wondering bcos worried as there's a lot i want from there. ty xxx

    1. Hi Jess! I wouldn't say they're "100% legit" in terms of original brands and prints or sizes, but they haven't scammed me for my money by not giving me what I ordered or by overcharging or anything like that. Just be wary of your sizing and their sizing because sometimes it's slightly off! Although if you're an XS-S size shouldn't be a big issue ^_^ Money wise they're one of the cheaper overseas sellers I've encountered and I always get what I ordered (even if it does take 3-4 weeks to get here in some cases!). Lemme know if I didn't answer your question fully! It's great that you're wary of being scammed by these online shops because there are definitely some out there that seem legit but take all your money and don't deliver! From my multiple experiences with ordering from here I can say that I do get what I paid for. I do recommend that you check in with people (via instagram perhaps?) who have ordered from here recently as the last time I ordered from here was around the end of summer! Thanks for the great question! xoxo Abby

  4. Hey I love your blog! The layout is so nice and pretty and you are so cute!!! I enjoyed reading every but of it

    1. Ahhhh! Thank you so very much Ducky! I really appreciate this lovely comment ^.^ I hope my blog continues to satisfy awesome readers like you in the future <3

  5. Hi i like your blog ^^

    I have question,
    inu inu shop in safe or not?
    I want to buy clothes in shop inu inu
    Thanks :)

    1. Hey Ebia! Thanks for liking my blog! <3 From my own experience with DOG DOG (not the original branch Inu Inu) I have had several successful orders and I received everything I ordered (even though it didn't come exactly as I expected eg. too small or too short etc. though that was partially on my part!) and I've never had to e-mail customer service about not receiving something. And I haven't heard anything about DOG DOG trying to phish people's credit/debit card info so that's a good sign. As far as business practices and labor and whatnot I don't think they're necessarily "safe" though. I would have to look into that master further haha~

      Here's a tip! If you're ever worried about shopping anywhere online like if you're scared they'll get your card info buy one of those prepaid gift cards for whatever amount you think you're going to buy and use that online! That way you can keep your personal card info safe and still be able to dispute any orders that weren't right and whatnot!

      Like I said, I shopped at DOG DOG not "Inu Inu" so if you're trying to purchase from the latter I really can't say much about their actual online store because I've never shopped at "Inu Inu" before 3:

      Hope this was helpful! Please let me know if I didn't answer your question fully! And definitely look up more reviews from other blogs about their experiences with these stores! Multiple sources help!

      xoxo Abby

  6. You look so beautiful in all of the clothes, oh my goodness! I'm planning on ordering a skirt so this was really helpful. <3

    1. HOORAYYY!! Glad this post was helpful for you! Hope the order goes well and you enjoy your purchase! Successful purchases are always awesome hahaha >.< And thank you so much for the lovely compliment Dorothy omg you are the sweetest!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Hiiii! honestly this blog post helped so much, a lot of information I needed was provided, I really wanted to read a detailed review of the store because I was scared of buying, since it's not from my country haha.
    I was actually wondering how the material felt? because i'm worried the polyester and cotton blend would stick to my skin, if you can answer soon that would be amazing!!
    you seem really nice and smart haha love your blog

    1. Hello MonyArt!!! Sorry for replying so late AHHH!!! Thank you so much for the compliments on my blog OMG <3 As for the material, are you talking about the cotton/poly blend I mentioned for the watermelon/banana dresses? They do tend to stick to my skin a little bit but if you're walking around all day you probably won't even notice after awhile ^.^ My biggest issue with the material of those dresses is that they were pretty sheer so if I wore colorful shorts underneath I usually wore an underskirt like a petticoat too >.< if you have a solid colored skirt in a light or white color that's above knee length I highly recommend you wear that under the dresses if it's comfortable!! That'll probably help with the skirt sticking problem as well as the sheerness!! Please let me know if I'm not talking about the right item hahaha <3
      xoxox Abby

  8. Hi loved your Review but i was wondering if you could do an updated review they have some really nice summer shorts, i took my measurements but i'm still weary. plus we seem to be similar in clothing sizes so i would really appreciate your review on the shorts thanks!
    Here's the link to them

    1. Hi Mariela! I've gotta tell ya gurl, I've been eyeing those shorts for a while now too hahaha~ They look sooo cute and I've been looking for a solid pair of high waisted jean shorts! I just checked out the link you gave me (thanks for doing that by the way! <3) and just from eyeing the measurements real quick I noticed that the hip and waist measurements change between the sizes, BUT!, the length does not! This is something I soooo don't like about a lot of clothing because I like a bit more length in my bottom wear and it just seems like clothing shrinks up (see pleated black skirt in this review lol) when you have added hips and waist, ya know? And I can tell ya right now that there is no part in my torso area that's 90 cm around LOL. I'd be weary about the waist and length with both those things considered. The hip measurement seems fine though. 2/3 measurements seeming bad I don't think I'd end up buying these shorts personally. And if we really are similar sizes (I'm usually 40-42 in comfortably in the widest part of my hip area right now, 38 in at the smallest part of my torso around my "natural waist" area) I'd say maybe it's not worth it? $14 is a bit much for shorts that may not work out imo hahaha~ Anyways, I'll try my best to try and put out another review for this store if I can! There are a couple of shirts that look interesting and if I have a bit more motivation I'll see if I can try and snag a pair of those shorts to model for ya! No promises though, K? hahaha Thanks for your question lovely!!!
      xoxox Abby

    2. I just found this review by someone who bought the shorts in medium!
      They say that the shorts actually fit oversized but I'm not sure if that's because she got a medium and her hip size is a lot smaller than the measurements on the website for the shorts (like I said the hips seem to have a lot of room but the waist and length don't) so check it out if you want to see someone that actually bought them! Hope this helps!! <3

  9. Thanks so much for this review. I've been thinking about getting the boyfriend jeans but didn't know if the waist was elastic and how the measurements were irl--this helps so much! I'm going to go up a size from what I was originally going to order, though it's disappointing that the measurements on the site are so innacurate. Thanks so much!!!

  10. Hello your blog was extremely helpful i was planing of buying from there but i didn't want my first time ordering online to be untrustworthy. Also i would like to mention does the polyester and cotton blend seem like a breathable material because i get worried that sweat stains would show up and that'll suck

    1. Hi WillowPillow! Sorry for replying so late!!! Dx Are you referring to the milk tee? I personally haven't had any problems with sweat or sweat stains but it might be because I got such a large size that the shirt doesn't touch with the sweaty parts of my body all that much and it's very flowy because it's so big! But I don't sweat that much either so that's another factor that I can't really help you with hahaha But it's a very comfy shirt!!

  11. Hi there! I'm making a detailed tumblr post about Store DOG DOG and the controversy of Shop INU INU, and was wondering if I could use your post (via link) on my blog to highlight the legitimacy, quality, and general positivity of Store DOG DOG. I'm keeping the post as 'Saved as Draft' for now until I get the permission of all references such as your post. A swift reply and a "yes" would be lovely but neither are required. Thank You -AV

    1. Sorry, I should say a (detailed compilation of sources) post...

    2. Sure that's fine! Thanks for asking! If you're ok with it I'd love to read the tumblr post when you're done with it as well so please send me a link! Thanks again! ^__^


      Here is the link! I finally published it :) Although it's mostly a compilation of things (so not my own writing).

  12. Hi! That sentence about your dream high waisted, elasticised, good denim coloured jeans spoke to me on a spiritual level :) I am around your size and am looking for jeans like that, but online stores never seem to deliver...great article though :)

  13. Hi! Did you end up e-mailing them or somehow finding out anything about if they're an ethical brand?